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Candlelight vigil for Madeleine

A host of well known celebs, including J.K. Rowling, Virgin boss, Richard Branson, and Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, have offered a combined reward of £2.6m to anybody with information leading to the safe return of four year-old Maddy McCann, who was abducted in Portugal over 10 days ago.

Apparently it’s her birthday today.

I’m praying that she’s found safe and sound.


  • December Quinn
    May 13
    9:17 pm

    Oh, I just can’t stand this. That poor little girl…I hate her parents for neglecting her and upsetting me (if you know what I mean.) If they’d done their job, I wouldn’t have to avoid the news because it makes me feel sick.

    She had a right to have her parents be responsible and to have them keep her safe. They should be prosecuted, and I just pray someone finds her safe and sound.


  • Shiloh Walker
    May 14
    4:28 am

    This whole mess is heartbreaking.

    Her parents made a stupid mistake and I’d like soembody to slap some sense into them, but this sort of mistake doesn’t warrant what happened, not to them and not to their daughter.

    Poor baby.


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