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Saw him last night, and he was brill, but still not a patch on Lionel…
(Click on photos to view full-size)

Ooh… er… missus…

Justin and special guest, Timbaland


  • Anonymous
    May 17
    4:47 pm

    This is such an overrated, talentless boy!. I’m amazed/flabbergasted, Karen, that you spent good money on this……too much money and nothing to do with it? (shaking head in dsappointment!)



  • Rowena
    May 17
    7:46 pm

    Damn this boy can sing, dance and he looks good while doing it all…I hecka enjoyed myself at the concert back in June…did you get your dance on, Karen??? Seriously, don’t lie, you know you were rockin’ your body while Justin was bringing sexy back. LOL.

    Did Justin and Timbaland perform Give it to Me without Nelly? I’m digging that song still…=)

    Love the pics, looks like you had great seats!!


    May 18
    8:01 am

    Justin deserves a damned good telling off and no pocket money for a week for abandoning that nice, sweet, innocent and stunning Britney.

    I prefer him To Lionel but we’re still not going to agree on music I fear.

    Maybe I should start a music review blog……..now there’s a thought.



  • Karen Scott
    May 18
    8:34 am

    Chandra, I love Justin like a fat kid loves cake. I thought he was awesome. He was in good voice, and he could dance too.

    Ro, the seats were awesome, he was almost within touching distance!

    Merlin, I secretly wish Justin and Britney would get back together, they made much more sense as a couple, and I think he’s very level headed, plus he’s surrounded by people who have his best interest at heart. You can tell he’s a total mummy’s boy.

    Scott, over at Scooter Chronicles (listed on my sidebar) reviews albums every now and again. I’ve never heard of most of the stuff he listens to, but it’s really interesting to read about his thoughts on them.


  • Amanda
    May 18
    1:05 pm

    I have seen Justin twice in concert, once with Nsync and once when Christina Aquilera opened for him, and every time he has been great! He really puts on such a great performance, that isn’t just about the music, but also about the actual show! I love it.


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