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I present to you, The Queen Of Anal Sex…

Yeah, yeah, it’s a menage, and the heroes are into that whole smacking the butt thing, but guess what, I didn’t hate it, in fact, I really liked it.

Although, I have to say…Lora, Jethro Riggs? Jethro frickin Riggs? What kind of red-neck name is that anyway?

Review coming up shortly, but in the meantime, if you dig hot dirty triple play sex scenes, you can pre-order Forbidden Pleasures here.

Oh incidentally, does anybody know who the other Lora Leigh is? Apparently there’s another Lora Leigh who wrote a book called The Club. The reason I ask is because Lora had an author’s note referencing this other author, and basically explaining that when she took the pen name, she wasn’t aware of the existence of this other Lora Leigh. She also pointed out that there isn’t a book in her Bound Hearts series titled, The Club. Anybody shed any light on this? Hmmm?


  • Barbara B.
    June 2
    4:01 am

    Just once I’d love to see one of Lora Leigh’s heroes get the deep dickin’ they secretly crave. No more using the wives as surrogates.


  • Karen Scott
    June 2
    8:45 am

    Barbara, as far as I’m aware, she’s never done the man-on-man love bit yet, but I’m not sure I’d want her to go there anyway.


  • roslynholcomb
    June 2
    3:10 pm

    I’m with Barbara on this one. Seems to me that’s what all this ‘sharing’ business is all about. Homoerotic at its best.


  • Barbara B.
    June 2
    4:25 pm

    Karen, I’m looking forward to the review.

    I was kidding in a way. I know Leigh would never take her stories in that direction, but as Roslyn said, there is a strong homoerotic vibe. Ultra-alpha Men who NEED to share a woman to feel sexually and emotionally fulfilled…

    Yeah, for once I wish one of those very young, sweet, innocent, curly-haired doormats would turn it around on the hero. So to speak. Pass HIM one of those butt plugs and enema kits they keep handy. Let the heroine and the other dude double team the hero. A strap-on wielding Lora Leigh heroine would be awesome!


  • sybil
    June 3
    2:45 pm

    funny… I am going to be doing a contest for this book this week and LL will be guesting later in the month.

    Have you read Hidden Agenda’s yet? I really like the SEAL books… but hey you know me.


  • Chrissy
    May 4
    9:21 pm

    Love Lora Leigh. such detail and tone is very rare. the kind of rare that makes me want to read her books more than once, and i have a habit of reading a book only once. the Nauti series, the SEAL series are great. I’ve discovered I’ve a thing for gun toting secret agents with hard bodies, harder nether regions, and soft hearts. too bad a man who takes care of what’s his his a figment of a stranger’s imagination.


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