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Librarians Hate Me…

Sunday, June 3, 2007
Posted in: good friends, libraries

I’m a librarian’s worst nightmare. Seriously.

I never take books back on time. Evah.

The last time I visited the library, all ten of the books that I had taken out were waaay overdue. So overdue in fact, that my friend who happens to be one of the librarians there, was appalled that I’d racked up £25 ($47) worth of charges. What can I say, I’m a busy gal.

Anyway, she made the obligatory, guilt-inducing, tut-tut noises, and reminded me that I could have renewed them by phone. I duly apologised, and told her it wouldn’t happen again. Until the next time.

Anyway, I didn’t pay the fine that time, because my car was about to run out of parking time, so I ran out telling her I’d pay the fine, the next time I came into the library. I think I actually heard her snort in disbelief as I sprinted out of the library.

Well that was three weeks ago (What? I’m a busy person!) anyway, I went to pay the fine yesterday, and found that I didn’t owe the library a penny.

My friend had cleared the charges for me.

Bless her cotton socks.

Anyway, I was then able to go crazy and take out ten more books. Books that I wouldn’t be caught dead actually paying for. A couple of Catherine Coulter’s verrry old hystericals, a couple of ancient Jenny Crusie romances, some Audrey Howard womany fiction, a couple of James Patterson slashy fiction, (which I probably wont get round to reading because his books are always so damn long!) and Neil Gaiman’s Coraline.

I’ll have to remember to renew the buggers in three weeks, or else I’ll have another hefty fine, which I might just have to pay next time.

What about you guys? Are you like me, or are you one of those anally retentive people who actually take their books back on time? *g*

Seriously, you have to watch this to believe that anybody can be this retarded. I’d like to slap this bony-arsed bitch up and down the street.

It’s this kind of ridiculous bullshit, that causes so many teens to become anorexic.

I bet the stupid twat thought that Nicole Richie looked better after she lost all that weight, and turned into a skeletal version of her former self.

I cannot tell you how angry listening to this bitch made me. Grrrr.

Thanks to Maralyn for the link.