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JAYNIER where the hell have you been? Why no blog? Why you gone for so long? Why you no answer my e-mails?

Now that she’s back, hopefully she hasn’t gone all PC on us, God forbid.

By the way, what are you doing in Singapore?

Go say hello, and tell her to get a pop-up window for her comments, that crappy blogger commenting page drives me insane!

Now we just need The Maili to show her face again, and all will be right in Blogland…


  • Jaynie R
    June 4
    8:17 am

    OMG Karen I want that shirt!

    I have been editing for EC for the past 10 months – so no blog because I was being all professional and shit.

    Now I’m not – so the blog is back

    I didn’t answer your emails because you had my old Aussie addy damnit.

    And yes, we’re in Singapore. Q (the hubby) got transferred here to the head Asia-Pacific office of Cadbury.

    And I’ve fixed your damn pop-up thing.

    What the fuck is PC? Believe me, the reason I got rid of my blog when I was editing is because I will never be PC and I knew I’d get myself in the shit.

    I’ve missed you all and have been reading along still.

    It’s good to be back


  • Dionne Galace
    June 4
    4:57 pm

    Welcome back, Jaynie R!

    We missed you!!


  • Kate R
    June 4
    6:17 pm

    Okay, the Bitch Force is almost at full power.



  • Mailyn
    June 5
    3:42 am

    Just stopping by to say I LOVE that shirt! ^__^


    June 5
    8:26 am

    Is this going to be fun ?

    Am I allowed to use dirty words now ?



  • Sharon Cullars
    June 5
    4:14 pm

    Hey Karen, forgive the seque, but I couldn’t find your email. I’ve tagged you for a meme (yes, I’m evil); get the details here.


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