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I read this absolutely ages ago, but I’m crap at following through with reviews, which is why I’ve only just gotten round to it now… erm, well this week at least.

Anyway, this is the blurb, as per Roslyn’s website:

You can buy Rockstar here, and visit Roslyn Hardy Holcomb here.


  • Anonymous
    June 13
    10:24 am

    I bought this ages ago too and loved it to pieces, and mostly because I could relate to the heroine physically. I mean, I’m tired of reading I/Rs with BBW. Gosh, I KNOW, some black women are “voluptuous” (in my opinion fat!”), but some of us aren’t. I’ve been skinny since forever and even after having a baby, now 12yrs, and turning 43yrs, I’m still thin. Hence why it was so “refreshing” for me to read about this “phenomenon” in this book. So am looking forward to your review, Karen.



  • Amie Stuart
    June 13
    2:41 pm

    I’m looking forward to it too–this sounds really good!


  • Coconurse
    October 14
    1:53 am

    It was mentioned that there are many I/R romance novels featuring Black BBWs and WM. Can you please give me the titles–I’m a big fan of this genre. Thanks in advance!



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