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What Is The Point…

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Posted in: castration, Paedophilia

In trying to rehabilitate paedophiles? Seriously what is the point?

I woke up to the joyous news yesterday morning, that paedophiles in England would be subject to chemical castration. You can’t imagine the huge smile I had on my face. Until I got the full story.

This wasn’t mandatory. The paedophiles have a choice, as to whether they want the treatment or not. What. The. Fuck?

I was not a happy bunny.

What is the point in keeping these people alive at all?

Why can’t we just line them up and shoot them? Seriously?

I blame the bleeding heart, human rights tree huggers, who would very likely argue that we’d be infringing on their human rights. Big effing sigh.


  • Schmid4Brains
    June 13
    6:43 pm

    while i am dead on with your feelings about pedophiles, i find that your description of “human rights tree huggers” to be misrepresentative of actual tree huggers. these people are probably more for things like recycling and bio-fuel and the like… not necessarily against involuntary castration.

    in any case, i AM a treehugger and am FOR involuntary castration, which is why i felt compelled to write.

    of course, this IS your blog and you CAN say what you like.


  • Dionne Galace
    June 13
    6:58 pm

    I am a bloody liberal tree hugger (I recycle and use a canvas bag when I shop at my local grocery!) and I’m all about chemical castration of rapists and baby-rapists.


  • Laura
    June 13
    7:32 pm

    I agree with “what is the point in keeping them alive?” Children should be the one sacred thing left in our crazy world.

    In Texas, you can enter your zip code into a data base, and it will show you the locations of all the released sexual offenders within your neighborhood. It’s astonishing to find out how many of them there are, within walking distance of your home. Handily sorted out for you: child molester, indecent exposure, child or adult rapist. Turned loose, with high rates of recidivism.

    Any of the children in my extended family get touched, I’ll happily do the time for murder.


  • Anonymous
    June 13
    7:37 pm

    The ONLY reason I play the lottery is so as to win millions in order to hunt these bastards down. I would pay my last cent to not only kill them all, but first to torture them for days, before they’re forced to play Russian roulette.

    I’m a tree-hugger too and actually extremely non-violent, but would have no qualms about committing these bastards to hell if it was within my power as they are responsible for destroying the most precious creatures to mankind!

    what’s to stop these perverted bastards on finding other ways to support their inhumane behaviours. Instead we should be injecting their asses with chemicals and outting their lights for the good of future generations.



  • bettie
    June 13
    8:17 pm

    Tree hugger and civil liberties hugger, here. I don’t think there is any way to rehabilitate pedophiles. Chemical castration – voluntary or involuntary – provides only the illusion of security because many pedophiles (often the worst serial offenders) are compulsive.

    Lock them up and throw away the key (it’s cheaper than the death penalty), but by God and Science, keep a cool head while you’re about it!

    A recent law passed by the voters of my fair state toughened the limits on where convicted pedophiles could live. Most people who voted for it thought the thing was retroactive to all convicted offenders. Not so, as laws cannot be made retroactive. The net result of that law was that it gave voters the illusion of security from existing predators when, in fact, nothing had changed.

    Some crimes are so vile they inspire instant gut reactions of disgust and fury from any sane person, but if we are really going keep children safe we need know both our enemy and our laws. We need to keep our heads clear and our vigilance constant.


  • Barbara Sheridan
    June 13
    8:55 pm

    Y ou guys are gonna love this–during the recent big to-do on LiveJournal about blogs being suspended someone set up a journal to rant on the censorship issue.

    One of the posters there was of the opinion that having urges for children and those who appear younger than they are is as “natural and normal” as the adult sexual urges non molesters have. They proceeded in this bullshit vein to go so far as to say men and women who haven’t acted on these strong “natural” urges are “brave” and should be commended.

    I’ll pause while you all shout those same obscenities at the screen that I did and try to reach though and strangle the dumbshit.


  • eggs
    June 13
    11:59 pm

    I think chemical castration gives a false sense of security. 99% of what these people do to their victims does not involve their penis, but their hands. Let’s face it: a raging woody is not of itself particularly dangerous, especially if the wood-bearer has no arms with which to grab or restrain their victims.

    I would be much more in favour of cutting off their hands at the elbows so it is obvious to one and all that they are thieves – because what else are they doing but stealing the lives of these children?

    For the most part, I am against the death penalty, mainly because it is too open to abuse for framing people for individual murders. Considering the very low numbers of pedophiles who are actually convicted, I don’t see this as a such a concern in this case, especially as most pedophiles have faced numerous charges of sexual assault before the cops get one to stick.

    It would be interesting to see what a referendum on this would produce. Although I would never vote to reinstate the death penalty for murder, I would most definately tick the ‘yes’ box for pedophiles.



  • Jenn
    June 14
    12:38 am

    I agree that chemical castration is not a cure all. The problem is largely mental. A number of years ago I read and I wish I could remember what year that a German man who had the chemical castration still molested and killed a child. So I am skeptical and I think that people would have a false sense of security. I say torture them slowly.


  • roslynholcomb
    June 14
    2:14 am

    One of my best buddies runs a two-year program to rehabilitate pedophiles. In this county if there’s been no penetration a defendant could be sentenced to this program as opposed to doing jail time. Frankly, having observed this program I’d rather do time. According to him, he’s never rehabilitated one. He believes he can teach them to control their impulses, but change their sexuality, no. These people are sexually attracted to children, and that’s not going to change.

    As for chemical castration, as far as I’m concerned that’s a Bandaid approach at best. After all, they can simply not get their injections (Its essentially the same Depo Provera used for pregnancy prevention in women), and frankly a man doesn’t need an erection to rape, anyway. The drug does diminish the sex drive, but few people are going to willingly give up their sex drive unless compelled to do so.


  • Jaynie R
    June 14
    9:47 am

    Studies have pretty much shown that kiddiesexpervs are the least likely to be rehabilitated. Time and time again they reoffend. To me it’s the worst crime. I’m willing to give anyone else a second chance, but kid pervs can all be lined up and shot.


  • Shiloh Walker
    June 14
    2:08 pm

    I’m for putting them to death. Yes, they are sick and no, they aren’t in the ‘rehab’ category, but most violent offenders aren’t. When they do the same crime repeatedly, even after servng jail time, that proves it right there.

    I don’t real think that locking them and up and throwing away the key is the answer, though. What happens when a animal is a serious danger to society? We put them down. Perverts and rapists and murderers don’t deserve any better, IMO.


  • B
    June 15
    6:08 pm

    I’ve been close to a few cases. I wish more would speak out and more would be convicted. My friend finally spoke out and got the bastard nailed, who had also abused several members of her family as well as a another girl and, since the man was old or something, they decided community service/rehab for a year or something.

    And that was it.


    I don’t even care about chemical castration or whatever! Just keep them away from the kids! GOD! HOW STUPID IS THE LAW? This is retarded. Its more than retarded. Its… unspeakably retarded. Its just like all the suffering means nothing.

    A pedo is mentally sick. You keep him where he won’t harm anyone. How can a pedo live with themselves?

    Let’s bring in optional suicide, too, please.

    If prison overcrowding is a problem, then either build more prisons or punish them physically. Do not let them just… practically get away with it!

    There isn’t even a party I can vote for that’ll actually BE tougher on crime and reform the law properly. Democracy seems to be sometimes so… imperfect and, in my darker moments, I could even say meaningless.


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