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A few people have recommended this book to me, (thanks Byrdlovestoread!) so I bought it. I may let you know how I like it, if I can be arsed. I’ll be writing the review for Rockstar later today, so, we’ll see…

Blurb From Amazon

You can visit Ann Christopher here, and buy Risk, here.


  • Barbara B.
    June 18
    4:10 pm

    I’m usually not that into covers but I love this one. I don’t much like romances with kids but I might have to break my own rule and read this book.


  • Karen Scott
    June 18
    4:36 pm

    Barbara, quite a few peoploe hyave recommended this to me, and so far, so good! I agree with you, the cover is quite beautiful.


  • sybil
    June 18
    7:14 pm

    Great book! And a fabulous new to me author. I was surprised you liked it because it is very Harlequinish. But tres fab if you like Harlequin *g*.

    So is Just About Sex! If you like Risk you so need to pick that up. both are on my long ol list of books that must be reviewed. I found her through a shiloh walker rec.


  • Ann Christopher
    June 18
    8:08 pm

    Karen, I’m coming out of deep, DEEP lurkdom to say thanks for picking up and mentioning the book, and I’m glad you like it so far.

    I’ll try not to whine too much if you ultimately give it the thumbs down…

    Ann 😉

    P.S. Barbara B.–I understand how you feel about kids in books, so I sent young Maya off down the hall to watch TV at strategic moments throughout so Justus and Angela could have some, ah, quality time together. *VBG*

    Sybil, glad you enjoyed the book. 🙂


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