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Well, you know how I was far too… erm… you know… nice… to post some of the more intimate details from Carol Lynne’s Yahoo list on here? Well, somebody out there obviously doesn’t have the same internal conflict as I did.

Nice huh?

I loved this bit from a letter that Raelene Whatsherface from EC, sent to Carol:

I’m wondering which bits were untrue exactly? The bits where I implied that Carol Lynne’s book stunk like two day old fish?

This bit was also fascinating:

How stupid is this woman? How does she not know that the only reason Carol Lynne’s book sold so well was due to the kerfuffle that resulted from my review?

I wonder who she’s referring to as ‘little bitches’? I think she means you too Jane.

As for not representing their reader market, well I’m flabbergasted. I’ve spent literally thousands of pounds at EC in the past few years, surely that makes me a loyal reader?

Anyway, this bit tells me how much Carol Lynne really owes me for making her infamous famous:

And she didn’t even have the grace to thank me.

Anyway, if you want to read the rest, you’ll have to bob over to Der Schadenfreude’s blog, cuz my adorable nephew’s about to wake up in a bad mood…

I love his voice, it’s just so damn sexy. Shame his face doesn’t match the voice, with pipes like his, I was expecting so much more…

And also, somebody shoulda told him that Robin Thicke isn’t great as far as popstar names go. It’s hardly rock ‘n’ roll is it? *g*