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Well, you know how I was far too… erm… you know… nice… to post some of the more intimate details from Carol Lynne’s Yahoo list on here? Well, somebody out there obviously doesn’t have the same internal conflict as I did.

Nice huh?

I loved this bit from a letter that Raelene Whatsherface from EC, sent to Carol:

I’m wondering which bits were untrue exactly? The bits where I implied that Carol Lynne’s book stunk like two day old fish?

This bit was also fascinating:

How stupid is this woman? How does she not know that the only reason Carol Lynne’s book sold so well was due to the kerfuffle that resulted from my review?

I wonder who she’s referring to as ‘little bitches’? I think she means you too Jane.

As for not representing their reader market, well I’m flabbergasted. I’ve spent literally thousands of pounds at EC in the past few years, surely that makes me a loyal reader?

Anyway, this bit tells me how much Carol Lynne really owes me for making her infamous famous:

And she didn’t even have the grace to thank me.

Anyway, if you want to read the rest, you’ll have to bob over to Der Schadenfreude’s blog, cuz my adorable nephew’s about to wake up in a bad mood…


  • Mary
    June 30
    2:37 pm

    Whoa, that’s an Ellora Cave’s editor? Raelene Gorlinsky must have the same disease as Carol, you know, the one that causes foot-in-mouth syndrome.


  • Angelina Jolie
    June 30
    3:43 pm

    Are these really professional women? How embarassing.


  • Lynne Simpson
    June 30
    5:11 pm

    I’m not sure what someone in Gorlinsky’s position makes a year, but that book would need to sell around 18,000 copies to make $40,000 for the author. If the sales numbers in their author brochure are accurate, they sell 360,000 books a year. If we go with $40,000 as Gorlinsky’s salary (sounds low to me), then this would mean that one out of every 20 books sold there is a copy of Ben’s Wildflower.

    I’m sure negative blog buzz can sell SOME books, but that many?


  • Ann Bruce
    June 30
    6:18 pm

    Simply speechless.


  • Dionne Galace
    June 30
    6:20 pm

    if you google Carol Lynne, she’s not even the first seach result that pops up.

    Unless she’s that “professional writer” in Austin. But that’s like… 3rd down the list.


  • Alessia Brio
    June 30
    7:11 pm

    I think Catherine Falk wrote it.


  • azteclady
    June 30
    9:32 pm

    The repetition of “laugh all the way to the bank” grates in my mind much like nails on blackboard grate on the ears.

    But then, the entire diatribe was shrill–on top of inaccurate.


  • Shelly @ Bewitched
    July 1
    12:14 am

    I went over and read the whole letter. I like how you are “obviously” out there to try and make EC look bad while helping out that “other publishing house” with the “fired” EC exec.

    This is the kind of stuff that makes me not want to spend ANY and I mean ANY of my money to pay RG’s salary — even though it is obviously low if CL made more off that horrible excuse for a novel than RG gets in a year.

    Of course I will try and believe that this “really” wasn’t from RG but someone posing as her or lying about the e-mail.



  • Anonymous
    July 1
    9:22 am

    Honestly I don’t know whether it is really from her or not but what with this and the Jaid Black thing I really do not feel comfortable spending ANY money with Elloras Cave. I don’t think I’ll ever shop there again.


  • Sarah McCarty
    July 1
    3:54 pm

    I *sigh* just don’t understand why anyone would copy a private email and post it on their group, let alone one from your publisher/editor in chief. Wouldn’t paraphasing suffice? Wouldn’t the directness of the post call for paraphrasing rather thana direct copy and paste?

    There is something called too much sharing, whether it’s in what a person believes to be a private group or not. And whether that email was from Raelene or not, the author owed the house more respect than to post something like that on her group.

    I know if EC doesn’t care, *sigh* I shouldn’t, but well, I think I’m getting old because I can’t get past the shock of seeing something like this posted.


  • Jane
    July 2
    12:38 pm

    Hmm. I wonder whether little bitches was meant figuratively or literally because I am quite an average sized bitch.

    When I originally read the Raelene Gorlinksy (sp?) email that was reposted on Carol Lynne’s yahoo group, my eyebrows did shoot up. I guess Jaid Black’s blog post about bloggers with ulterior motives was referring to DA which I refused to believe originally because Ellora’s Cave has been so non responsive to all my outreach gestures such as an editor interview or details about Simon & Schuster’s deal when I emailed several times and even called their main office. It’s hard to give coverage to a publishing house that steadfastly refuses to talk to you.

    It wasn’t until the Falk debacle that I started receiving information from EC.

    It might be a case of the right hand not knowing the incompetency of the left hand or vice versa, but their claims of bias are pretty much their own fault in failing to return emails or phone calls.


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