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I love his voice, it’s just so damn sexy. Shame his face doesn’t match the voice, with pipes like his, I was expecting so much more…

And also, somebody shoulda told him that Robin Thicke isn’t great as far as popstar names go. It’s hardly rock ‘n’ roll is it? *g*


  • Dee
    June 30
    4:00 pm

    He had to keep the name, lol, he looks exactly like his father. You’ve heard of him…Alan Thicke. LOL! Seriously. He also gets the music from dear old Dad, too, who’s a successful songwriter on top of his comedy acting career.

    I just can’t look at Robin and think, “Sexy”. I’m too busy thinking, “Damn, Mr. Seaver can sing!”



  • Barbara B.
    June 30
    4:11 pm

    I thought he got the singing from his mother, Gloria Loring, a singer/actress. She’s pretty good.
    Didn’t know Alan Thicke could sing too.


  • Rosie
    June 30
    4:15 pm

    I think it was last summer that Robin did an AOL Sessions. He seems awfully sweet and genuine for a Hollywood kid.

    Does anyone know? Didn’t Gloria Loring marry a young studly soap star after she and Alan Thicke divorced?


  • Eve Vaughn
    June 30
    5:04 pm

    Barbara, It was Alan who was sang the theme song of Growing Pains. I think he was pretty popular in Canada.

    Karen, are you kidding me? Robin Thicke is soooo hot! And hey, I don’t think his dad is a bad looking man either. This song has been out for quite a while, but I’ve never heard this version, the one they usually play on the radio has a smooth R&B/Carribean style beat. It’s very nice. His whole album is wonderful.


  • Dionne Galace
    June 30
    6:12 pm

    Gloria Loring had an awesome voice. That “friends and lovers” song from the 80s was beautiful.


  • Dionne Galace
    June 30
    6:13 pm

    damn. dude sounds like timberlake.


  • Mm
    July 1
    6:08 am

    When he first came out he was actually going by the name “Thicke” and not Robin Thicke like he is now. He wasn’t so clean shaven back then. In fact he kind of had that Jesus look going on. I love this song, and I think he and his wife look so cute together in the video


  • Jaye
    July 2
    1:37 pm

    I totally wore out this CD when it first came out. There’s only one or two tracks on it I’m not too in love with. He is the spitting image of his dad, if a more ‘refined’ version? I think Alan is a little heavier (not fatter, I just remember him as slightly more bulky than Robin, while sonny looks a little more delicate in the JT or Orlando Bloom type way.) I’m pretty sure Alan also wrote the lyrics to the Jefferson’s theme song Moving On Up, but don’t quote me on that.

    btw, I like the CD version of this song better. It’s more RnB soulful.


  • Rowena
    July 6
    1:24 am

    Oh, like Jaye I played this cd out when I first got it, but I do love me some Robin Thicke…come on, he’s a cutie, admit it! 😉 haha.

    Now I’m gonna have this song stuck in my head now…lost without you, can’t help myself, how does it feel, to know that I love you baby….see?



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