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Hey murderers apparently need love too, so why shouldn’t Anons? *g*

KristieJ has an interesting rant about anonymous commenters, and how they should really have the courage of their convictions, and post under their real names, or at least their online personas. I started responding, but then it got waaay too long, and the only person who’s blog I feel comfortable bleeding over is Monica’s, so I brought it over here.

I’m not too fond of anons myself, mostly because I’m nosy, but I recognise the need for some anonymity in Blogland, or should I say Romanceland.

The fact is, there’s a lot of back-biting in this here Romanceland, and basically, what goes on the net, is forever cached on the net, so I can understand why an author would prefer to say what they have to say anonymously, than get tarred with the Fucktard Brush. I say that even as the person who often holds that very brush.

The reason I’ve homed in on authors is because I believe that the majority of the people who anonymously commented on my various EC posts were authors.

And I mention EC because the number of anon comments seemed to increase whenever EC was the subject, which leads me to think that the majority of anons were either, authors from EC, or people who have had dealings with EC in the past.

If this is the case, then I’m not sure I can blame them for saying what they have to say anonymously. I hear that the higher-ups at Ellora’s Cave are fond of suing people.

It’s easy for me to say what I want, about who I want, when I want, but then again I’m not a writer, aspiring or otherwise, so there can be no repercussions for me. My career is not dependent on you guys out there. I simply have nothing to lose.

The same can’t be said about authors who decide to tell it like it is. Especially those authors who are e-published.

There are disgruntled authors out there who aren’t happy about one thing or another, but are too scared to take a public stand, because the repercussions for them could be a lot more far reaching.

They could take a public stand, and say exactly how they feel, but then they’d probably become persona non gratis with their peers, readers, and their publishing company. (Read: see Authors Who Should Know Better list) Who needs the hassle?

The same goes for anon readers who come on the blog to berate me for one reason or another, or just to slag me off because they don’t like my online persona. The fact is, the majority of those people are scared too.

Of me.

And why shouldn’t they be, let’s face it, I’m not afraid of tearing a strip off people who annoy me, and they mostly know it, and want to avoid the hassle.

I’m just imagining the number of people going crazy because dammit, they aren’t scared of me. My challenge to those people is, if you truly aren’t scared of me, then post a comment, using your online persona. Tell me I’m a jumped up bitch from hell, if you dare. I promise, I wont be mad. (At the very least, I’d know which blogs to avoid in the future. *g*)

In short, even those people who come on and tell me that they think I’m wrong, have an absolute right to their anonymity. Does it annoy me? Of course it does, but then so do people who belong to the ‘If You Have Nothing Nice To Say’ brigade.

Even more annoying than those people, are the ones who claim they’re fed up of blog dramas, yet come back again and again, to watch the train wrecks, whilst trying to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony on their own blogs. The hypocrisy always makes me want to smile. You know who you are.

Anonymous commenters are cowardly by the very virtue of the fact that they daren’t openly say what they feel, but I’m not going to condemn them for that, because in my opinion, they’re just being practical.

If people don’t know who you are, then those bitchy comments that you made anonymously once upon a time, when you forgot to take your meds, probably wont come back to haunt you later.

Sounds like plain ‘ole common sense to me.

I’ve heard lots of good things about Shana Abe, so I decided to buy a few of her books, including The Smoke Thief, and The Dream Thief.

I didn’t want to go for the obvious ones first, so I’m reading one of her other books, before drowning myself in Trilogy Hell.

Anyway, here’s the blurb for The Secret Swan, as found on her Website.

Sounds good jah? Anyway, so far so good.