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Jane’s got a list of authors behaving goodly, so I thought it might be an idea to do the same, because, believe it or not, there are those elite authors in Blogland who don’t make me want to gnaw my own arm off. Not many, admittedly, but some.

Here’s my best of the best, and don’t worry if you’re not on it this time, it might have totally changed by this time next year, you never know who might go off their meds, and make a total twat out of themselves online, after this. *g*

Sarah McCarty – I’ve loved all her books, plus she’s not a fucktard. I love her like a fat kid loves chocolate.

Sharon Cullars – Love her work, and I wish more people would buy her books, because that lady can write!

Shelby Reed – I simply love the way she writes, her books are amazing, and why she hasn’t been picked up by an NY House, I don’t know. Plus she rocks as a person.

Nora Roberts – I hate her Three Sisters Island books like a fat kid hates celery, but anybody who can create a heroine like Eve Dallas, and a hero like Roarke deserves some major props. Plus she has cabana boys in her employ, who do her dishes. You gotta admire that.

HelenKay Dimon – I’ve liked all her stories so far (yes HK, I read you!), plus she doesn’t make me want to beat her over the head with my laptop, when she ‘speaks’. I can’t say that about many authors in Romanceland right now.

Monica Jackson – We argue, she calls me an Uncle Tom (If I was an African American I think I’d be more insulted by that) we disagree, we fall out, but I love that bitch like a fat kid loves cake.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs – I have a love hate thing going on with her books, but that broad can take criticism, and could teach some of the other authors in Romanceland a thing or two about making lemonade out of lemons.

Continued after the cut…

Mary Janice Davidson – We argue, I think she’s nuts, I even hated her for about a week, but at least she’s not afraid to fight her corner, plus she’s given up stalking me now, and for that alone, I have to love her.

Nalini Singh – I just love her books, period. Slave To Sensation made me realise that some authors can actually write paranormal books that don’t suck.

Kate Rothwell – I hated her black heroine in that book she wrote ten million years ago, but I like the online persona, and she makes me laugh out loud, anybody who can do that can’t be all bad. (g)

Jill Shalvis – I like her blog, and I like her books. She also keeps herself to herself, and that’s never a bad thing.

Beverly Havlir – Love her books, like her blog, like her.

Lora Leigh – She writes anal like nobody else, and I still love her books.

Eve Vaughn – I love her books, and I love her as a person. She always has the best celebrity gossip too! I can say that I knew her when… She rocked then, and she rocks now.

Lynn Viehl – I like her online persona, and she amuses me greatly.. Never read any of her books, but I’ve got one of them on my TBR pile despite the fact that it’s a dreaded paranormal.

Shannon Stacey – She likes Formula One racing, so for that alone, I have to love her, and I’ve loved her books so far.

Tod Goldberg – He’s an irreverent son of a bitch, but he has me in stitches, so much so that I decided to buy one of his books. Probably wont ever read, it but fuck it, I still love him.

Sharon Long/Maya Banks – I’ve loved all her books so far, even the one that had a scarily similar plot device to a Shiloh Walker book. (G)

Lacey Alexander – Love her books, even the mega dirty ones, and she’s one of the very few authors I bother voluntarily e-mailing these days. Erm, I say, few, she’s one of only two actually. (g)

Vicki Lewis Thompson – LOVE HER BOOKS. Period. Glad she doesn’t blog because I’d hate to discover that her personality doesn’t live up to her books.

Bonnie Dee – I love her books like a fat kid loves cake. Bone Deep was just the most original book I’ve read in forever.

Dee Tenorio – I love her online persona, and her books are fab. Betting Hearts had me laughing out loud, and that’s not something that happens often in a romance book.

Meljean Brook – Two words. Effing hilarious. She’s also an all round good egg. I have her books on my TBR pile, just because I’m all about supporting authors I actually like, and respect.

Whew, that took some doing, I’m sure I’ve missed out a couple of fantastic authors, but never mind, it’s better than a kick in the teeth right? *g*

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to my American Amigos!