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Soooo, did the Live Earth concert at a venue near you make a difference? I must admit, whilst I was watching Madonna rock out Ray of Light, at Wembley, I did turn off all the lights in the house, although I still didn’t put the washing machine on economy wash because I was doing our whites.

I’ll probably recycle a lot more now too. What about you?

By the way, was she really playing that guitar, or was it just for show…?


  • Angela
    July 8
    9:51 am

    You never know with Madonna…
    But I recycle, etc anyways because it’s just plain laziness to not do it. Plus you get money for recycling. ~.^


  • Shelly @ Bewitched
    July 8
    1:15 pm

    I’m going to try and do my part as best I can. I have tried (and love!) those new light bulbs. For some reason my ceiling fans chew through regular light bulbs and I am forever changing them. (Like all three at least once every 2 months) but I put in a “trial” set in my downstairs fixture and I have had no problems with them at all. No blow outs. I’m going to start replacing all my light bulbs with the new ones.

    I DVRd most of the show so I could watch it at my leisure. But I know one thing…I’m not turning my thermastat up one degree. I like it cold in the summer!


  • Rosie
    July 8
    2:22 pm

    Our consciousness was raised about 10 years ago through a program with my kids’ school. We recycle, have and use canvas shopping bags whenever we can, use a water minimizer shower head (which I hate and grumble about) and of course the energy saver light bulbs. Our next step is a hybrid car, but probably not for at least 2 more years.

    As for the concert(s)…I have to admit I didn’t watch.


  • byrdloves2read
    July 8
    3:28 pm

    Eh, didn’t watch the concert.

    We’ve recycled ever since we moved up on Signal Mountain because there’s a recycling center up here (about 15 years). So that’s plastic, glass, paper and cans. We’ve also started replacing regular light bulbs with the energy savers and we replaced our washing machine with a front loader a few years ago. Now that I’m retired I hardly drive anymore and only fill up with gas every other month, so right now a hybrid wouldn’t help much. Oh and we don’t use any pesticides in the yard.

    I like feeling that I’m making a difference.


  • Eve Vaughn
    July 8
    3:45 pm

    I forgot that it was one. But I’m sure MTV and VH1 will air it a gazillion more times.


  • roslynholcomb
    July 8
    4:59 pm

    I grew up on a farm so I’ve always been conscious of the earth and how we treat it. But I don’t think I beccame an environmentalist until the day my son was born. We recycle. I try to use less toxic cleaners–baking soda is the bomb! We replaced our toilets with more water efficient ones, and we use the curly lightbulbs. I like them a lot. We drive a lot less than we used to. If I run out of something at mid-week I have to walk to the store. For some reason that’s spurred me to be more diligent with my shopping list. -lol-

    Didn’t really watch the concerts. I’ve been trying to write before I go on vacation next week. Maybe I’ll catch some of them later.


  • Gwen
    July 8
    7:39 pm

    Live what?



  • bargainzoneuk
    July 8
    11:09 pm

    May give Al Gore a few more votes.

    Music was great.

    Shame concert was not played in China, it might of stopped them building two power plants per week.

    Keep Smiling



  • katieM
    July 9
    1:56 am

    I didn’t watch the concerts, but I have used fluorescent bulbs for at least 10 years. I just had to replace them for the first time back in June. I recycle all plastic (including those horrible pieces from packaging) and cans.
    This year, I used a defoliant on some wild grape vines because they were pulling down my 25 foot arborvitae and several of my pine trees. I feel a little guilty for doing that spraying, but cutting the vines wasn’t saving my trees or hedges.
    I’m not sure that a concert is what the world needs to make people more aware of the global devastation facing our descendants. Look at the footprint all that flying around and electricity made. Governments need to push for more ecologically friendly things like energy and renewable/recyclable resources. It seems that the US government is doing everything in its power to avoid going green.


  • Lila Dubois
    July 9
    3:46 am

    I watched the concert, and was very moved by the show of support. I’ve been involved in the One.org campaign for a while, so I was predisposed to be moved. I cry at those ‘click’ commercials, and wear the goofy bracelets.


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