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Apparently, an oversensitive playwright is trashing author, Alisa Valdes Rodriguez.

Valdes-Rodriguez writes on her blog:

This is the quote by Linda Nieves Powell that bugged Valdes-Rodriguez:

Anyway, Powell reacted by telling VR to remove her name from VR’s blog, or else she’d sue her.

Oooh er missus. Remind you of anyone? *g*

In return, VR gave her some great pearls of wisdom, obviously learnt from her years as a pubbed author:

Great response huh?

I particularly liked this excerpt from VR’s post:

Damn, she’s good.

Via GalleyCat


Wednesday, July 11, 2007
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Why do fat middle aged hairy men, feel the need to drop their pants in front of you, and masturbate?

Perverted bastard. He’s just lucky I wasn’t in possession of a sharp instrument.