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Not that I give rats arse about the fact that RWA Have basically told erotic romance publishers to fuck off, but I was wondering about the real reasons behind the decision.

I’m thinking that Reason Number One was the whole Gail Northman/Triskelion thing. Let’s face it, Northman might as well have taken a dump whilst the whole of Romanceland looked on. Not pretty. Triskelion going bankrupt and shitting on their authors from a great height, probably didn’t help the cause either.

Reason Number Two, Venus Press basically shut down and didn’t bother telling anybody. The way I heard it, the owner stopped taking authors calls, answering e-mails etc. Bad, bad, bad.

And Reason Number Three, the whole Elloras Cave/Jaid Black assfuckery. You can’t tell me these people don’t read blogs, and cast their judgemental nets over Romanceland.

Then again, it might have simply been because the RWA hate the stink of erotic romance like Victoria Beckham hates simple carbohydrates. And then there’s all that anal sex, and the naughty men giving each other blowjobs. Come on, surely that aint romance Hilda!

I’m thinking, that they were thinking, that Barbara Cartland would surely be rolling over in her grave if she knew that men were rimming other men in the name of romance. *g*

Who’s betting that in a few days when the e-pubs start going crazy, and burning things, and pulling down their pants to pull moonies, that The RWA, will send out a press release trying desperately to back-track?

I love how RWA Fuckwittery happens every year without fail, oh happy days.

OK, that’s the extent of my commentary on this. Like I said, personally, I don’t really give a flying crap either way.

And by the way America, what’s with all the David Beckham over-hype? Do you guys even know what position he plays? Sheesh.