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Yeah, yeah, I like sensational post titles, so sue me. *g*

Anyway, I read KateR’s blog earlier, and apparently, there were some authors who attended RWA, who were uncomfortable at having to share space with readers and those bastardly reviewer-types at the conference this year. These authors were also among the few who didn’t think much to their peers dressing up as characters from their books, and thought it gave the whole conference a slightly unprofessional feel. and this would be different how?

Kate posted a couple of excerpts from e-mails from some of her author pals.

I thought the dressed up peeps were kinda cool actually, and let’s face it, people probably remembered them far more than those profesh types, who’d come suited and booted, and fully armed with their Wear-At-Every-Official-Event string of pearls.

I wonder who they meant by blog reviewers? Jane? Sybil? Candy? Sarah? Kristie? Wendy? From what I saw, they all behaved themselves pretty good. Apart from that Candy though, she was such a slut, did you see her cleavage hanging out for the whole world to see? How dare she expose her boobage at such a grand event? Some people have no shame. *g*

This author sounds VERY uncomfortable at the thought of meeting people other than fellow writers at the conference. I don’t really understand why though. I get that some authors are introverts, and prefer to stay at home with their cats, their typewriter, and their hair in rollers, eating chocolate ice-cream straight from the tub, but it seems a bit daft to worry about people who are there to do nothing but gush over their fave authors, and buy books.

I like the fact that some of my fellow bloggers went this year, it made it a lot more interesting for me as a reader to hear their gossip feedback.

This RWA conference, apart from the whole, ‘We Hate Effing E-pubs’ hoo ha, seems to have been pretty much a love-fest. Surely that’s a good thing?

Anyway, onto the important stuff, how freaking amazing was the back of Nora’s dress? I am loving this design to the max, I’m also impressed that she has no visible Back Fat…

Photo stolen from The SB’s blog