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Random Photographs…

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Posted in: random photos

I’ve been meaning to download the pics on my camera for a while now, and today I finally got round to it. These are just random photographs from the past couple of months:

The Ben De Lisi dress I bought recently, shame you can’t see the detail…

Neat and tidy home office… A novelty

It’s The Adorable Nephew’s 1st Bday on Saturday, so I paid a visit to Toys R Us…

Beyonce in concert last month, loved this dress…

Beyonce again, loved this performance…

T.A.N holding up Shana Abe’s Smoke Thief, fabulous book…

T.A.N trying to escape, he needs to grow a bit first methinks

The Kylie Minogue exhibition that I attended last month, loved the 101 Dalmatians dress…


  • Eve Vaughn
    July 19
    11:57 am

    Very nice, although I wish we could see more pics of the TAN. Without even seeing his face I can tell he’s the cutness!


  • Barbara B.
    July 19
    4:52 pm

    Very nice dress. Wish I was that slim. These stevedore shoulders of mine are not to be exposed to the light of day. Night either for that matter.


  • Maralyn
    July 19
    6:09 pm

    Oh your nephew is such a sweetie, even if we can’t see his face!


  • Anonymous
    July 19
    9:18 pm

    Beyonce’s got a show over here in DC in September, and I’m going to see her in the flesh. I love her, I think she’s awesome!



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