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This probably wont mean much to the people who have never read any of Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series, but I’ve just read a letter from her, addressed to her fans, giving away spoilers in her upcoming G.C book.

I’m in shock.

Seriously, I haven’t felt this bad about a book since Watership Down.

I’ve always loved Karin Slaughter books, because she is a master story-teller, who has this wonderful ability, which enables her to write gritty, hard-hitting fiction, in addition to having a plethora of fantastically developed characters.

Jeffrey Tolliver and Sara used to be married, then he cheated on her and she divorced him when she found out. A big part of the series has been about the two of them finding the path back to love and trust again. These two characters, and their relationship were central to my enjoyment of the Grant County books.

Which is why I just can’t believe she’s done this to her faithful readers.

Well, fiction or not, I’m not a happy bunny. It was a cheap trick meant to cause maximum emotional impact on the readers who have bought this series faithfully over the years. Cheap and crappy, and I’m not having it. Screw it, I’m with Jane.