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“Tenets of Good Blogging

I ~ Take an active interest in what is being posted on your blog. I don’t believe you need to go so far as to delete posts or ban people but if you are going to introduce hot topics online in a public forum you have some responsibility to your guests and you should check in and keep things civilized.

The critical element is whether or not the people moderating the board or hosting the blog genuinely respect and appreciate the guest participants – regardless of their personal like or dislike of them. One of the ways they demonstrate that is by keeping somewhat abreast of the discussion. They post periodically to steer discussions into saner waters when they go off course.”

Ferfelabat.com aka Cindy Cruciger

“What Karen does is not snark. There is absolutely nothing self-effacing in her style of writing. I have never seen Dear Author snark – rant – yes – snark – no.

BAMM snarks. Smart Bitches snark. Television Without Pitty snarks. Mrs. Giggles snarks.

If it’s mean, it isn’t snark.
Snark is not bitchiness or personal attacks. The primary rule of snark is that the first target of snark is the snarker herself.”

By FerfeLabat AKA Cindy Cruciger on thenewjaynier.blogspot.com

“Where did Karen Scott say she went on vacation again? I think someone saw her …”

Weird-Looking ‘Lake Snake’ Sought by Illinois Authorities
Sunday, July 01, 2007
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Loch Ness Monster it’s not.
But an unusual-looking snake spotted in a central Illinois lake has prompted excited speculation, as well as a search in advance of the upcoming Independence Day holiday.
A woman who lives near Lake Springfield took a photo in April of what appeared to be a large, yellow snake — its head above the water and its body beneath it.

FerfeLabat.com AKA Cindy Cruciger