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“In the rush to trample down everyone in their paths who did not hold similar beliefs, Cindy Cruciger and a group of e-published authors such as Selah March and Eva Gale engaged in the very acts that they purportedly despise: name calling, condescension, discussing personal appearance as if it had anything to do with ability or content. Cruciger engaged in a wholesale deletion of posts and comments.”

“Point being though – woven in with the reviews she’s accused authors of being racist when they are not and they can’t defend themselves because she is a “reviewer”.

That was the first ugliness I noticed. Since then I’ve seen her say a LOT of personal things about authors with no basis for the accusation other than “it’s her opinion” and “free speech”.

It isn’t free speech. It’s libel and defamation of character and has nothing to do with reviewing a book. Calling author’s “Fucktards” and worse is not a fucking book review. When that gets pointed out they usually fall back on the author “deserving it” or some lame assed justification for abuse. I’ve heard wife beaters give better reasons for why they do what they do.”

Cindy Cruciger, Ferfelabat.com

• ann vremont Jul 9
You are really trying to yank her chain now, aren’t you? I sent her a link to the red version of Bride of Rove. The timing just seemed so cosmically appropriate that I felt the need to share. No response. I guess being ignored is better than an attempted filleting.
P.S. when are you going to register my new URL suggestion?

• FerfeLaBat Jul 9
Ya know. The only way in which my version of this type of blogging is different, is my selection of targets. Unlike others I only choose bloggers who are actively, and unfairly, slamming people who cannot fight back. Sort of like Dexter’s Code of Harry. I’m not doing anything they aren’t, other than keeping it amongst us fiends.
Someone has to do it.

• FerfeLaBat Jul 9
Ahhh this one. You don’t know how many and which of my friends she’s libeled and defamed. I keep track. Is there a movement underfoot that I am unaware of that is on the attack behind firewalls? If so, very cool. But it doesn’t appear to be stopping her from selecting new victims.

• FerfeLaBat Jul 9
Also – this quest of mine for at least an apology from Karen to the people she’s hated on without provocation has been going on for at least a year now(?). It’s not new.

• Eva Gale Jul 8
She has to justify herself with the seperation of authors and their work, otherwise she’d be faced with realizing that she’s a Mean Girl. Disconnect. That’s all it is.
Maybe someone with the extra cash will eventually sue her.

• FerfeLaBat Jul 9

“There are harsh review sites that do not address anything but the book and that author’s body of work. You know, real reviews and opinions about what they are reading. Karen Scotts site does not fall into that category. When she goes after a book she eviscerates the author along with the book and invites everyone in to take their free hit.
Oh well. Won’t be the first time I mistook a post requesting ass-kissing for a genuine dialogue opener. My bad.”

Cindy Cruciger, Ferfelabat.com