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“It’s all about the comment count right Karen? You stir shit but never smell it. You don’t moderate or join the discussion you start. Those are human beings posting there on your blog some of them genuinely trying to understand and to be understood. As hostess you have a responsibility to your guests, even the rude ones.

And yeah – this last go around you have slam dancing unattended now over there pretty much ended my interest in anything you might have to say in the future. You are absolutely right. I don’t like it and I won’t be checking back again. No loss to you so it’s all good.

You are brave and wise Sara. I stopped posting there because Karen starts an issue and then sits back quietly letting her guests get hammered. Kate otoh always actively joins the discussion. That’s the difference between a discussion blog and a flame fest. Took me awhile to figure that out.”

Cindy Cruciger AKA Ferfelabat, Kate Rothwell’s blog

“For some reason I always pictured Sarah as a dishwater blond and tall. Of them all I have to say Jane doesn’t even come close to what I thought she looked like. I was guessing mid 40’s, WASP. Was I WAY wrong. Sybil looks like a cross between Renee Bernard and Sherilynn Kenyon.”

Cindy Cruciger AKA Ferfelabat, Ferfelabat.com

“51. Selah March Jul 17
Oh, look, gang. Apparently Jane thinks that because Ferfe asked the question “bloggers and fans don’t usually show up at RWA, do they?” (although she SAYS RT, I’m assuming she means RWA National, since that’s what her whole post is about, but God only knows, I guess) that means she/we don’t WANT bloggers and fans at our writing conferences. Could someone point me to where any of us said that? Please?

(insert Dear Author Link)

Methinks it must be one more instance of poor reading skills on someone’s part. Or assuming facts not in evidence. I’ve seen this phenomenon before. Recently, even.

(Insert Avidreader’s link)

Reading comprehension: It’s not just for third graders anymore.”

62. FerfeLaBat Jul 17
“It’s comments like that that made me think she was a 40 yo WASP. Classic disdain. You can’t buy that. You have to be born with it and it takes years to perfect. Also one of the reasons she makes my top ten scarriest blogger list.
Oh sure. She looks all harmless and cute. But pretty soon she’s gonna get mean and then there’ll be a million more of her.”

“Sigh. What does it say about me that this seems to be the only blog where a discussion of Candy’s cleavage can be carried on for over two days? Nothing good, I’m sure. I’m seriously hoping Karen exceeds that so I can pretend that this started there and then whistle off into the sunset all innocent like.”

Cindy Cruciger AKA Ferfelabat.com, 17th July 2007

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