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Let’s Agree To Disagree, Yes?

Thursday, August 2, 2007
Posted in: An Olive Branch

You know, the reason why the comments were disabled last week was because I didn’t actually want to turn this whole thing into a blog mess. Seriously, and actually, it didn’t, did it?

Had Cindy Cruciger left things well alone, after my Friday post, I would have simply ignored her for the rest of my days, and it wouldn’t have been a hardship for me.

Cindy, you’ve poked and prodded, and poked and prodded at me, Jane, and the SB’s for about 4 months in an attempt to get some kind of attention/reaction from us, but despite all of your valiant efforts, we managed to ignore you for long enough.

I wasn’t in the habit of visiting your blog, because I’d decided upon your very first comment here, that you weren’t somebody who interested me enough to bother with. You were so under my radar, it wasn’t funny.

But then came the whole Ann Vremont picture incident, and that’s when your moral crusade against bitchy/mean bloggers started. Not as you keep claiming, eighteen months ago.

You felt it was your duty to teach the likes of me, and others ‘similar’ to me, how to blog properly, so you started your Blog Etiquette 101.

During this time, you took great pleasure in pulling our tails whenever you could. You wanted a reaction, was quite desperate for it infact, but we persevered and ignored you, because we thought you’d get fed up, and find another pet project. We were wrong. You didn’t, and in fact, you seemed to get worse.

Eva Gale wrote that this all started because you were sticking up for authors, but seriously dude, you know that’s a lie.

Cindy, all this started because you felt hurt, rejected, and much maligned, which was mostly in your head, because actually, at that point, nobody was paying any attention to you. Did the Mancusi/Maverick thing take place in March, when you began your crusade? I think not.

Like Robin already mentioned, the photographs of Jane, and the SB’s that you posted, and the accompanying comments, came during a time when most readers and bloggers were feeling good about authors, due to a lot of the reports from these ladies. I never did understand the timing of that post, but it’s not for me to try to decipher what you were thinking.

Selah March talked about sticking by her principles, and once again, standing up for her friends, but at some point, she needs to go back to how all of this started, and it wasn’t with the M&Ms.

When the SB Comments Marathon started, I don’t recall one horrid comment from either of the girls about Maverick, and Mancusi, in fact, from what I gather, they were very much on their side of the argument, correct me if I’m wrong Candy.

Cindy Cruciger blamed the SB’s for attacking the girls, and letting others attack them, when in fact, as far as I can gather, the main cusp of the conversation was about the relevancy of dress, and whether Cosplay was appropriate in certain situations, e.g. RWA conference. Out of the 600 plus comments, there were very few that went beyond the boundaries of taste and decency.

This was just an excuse for you, Cindy, to hammer at the girls, and you know it.

Do you understand that actually, if you’re going to campaign for all that is great and good, you cannot then crawl into the gutter, and start rolling around in it? That’s called hypocrisy, and sooner or later, people were bound to call you on it.

Like I wrote in an earlier post, the problem with holding yourself up to a higher standard, is that you just cannot indulge in the same mode of behaviour that you apparently find so distasteful. That just doesn’t work.

You have got to get some perspective on this before it’s too late. One day, you will wake up and find that you just wasted four months on crap, that in the great scheme of things, really doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t, it really doesn’t. In a couple of weeks there will be another Romanceland kerfuffle, and this and the Cosplay thing will be forgotten. That’s the nature of Romanceland, and as far as I can gather, it’s always been pretty much that way.

I’m willing to let sleeping dogs lie, Cindy, because let’s face it, no matter how much you deny it, this hurts yourself, Eva Gale, and Selah March much more than it does me. And even if you don’t want to sell books, don’t you at least want to be able to get back to not feeling as if the whole world’s against you? No matter how strong minded you are, that’s gotta hurt, because at the end of the day, you are only human.

I’m willing to call a truce.

You stay away from me, and my blog, stop the whole Mean Bloggers crusade thing because, let’s face it, that’s not working out so well for you is it, and just do your own thing. Stick to slagging us off within the confines of your personal group or private e-mails. I am totally fine with that.

If you agree, then I’ll stop, but if you feel as if you have to continue with this, then I too will continue. The choice is yours.

This is an opportunity for both of us to put this behind us. I really think you should take it.