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Last Month’s Search Phrases…

Friday, August 3, 2007
Posted in: search phrases

Some people search for the strangest things…

Is Harriet Klausner influential? – Well, is she?

Karen Scott Tits – Erm, I promise there are no photographs of my ladies anywhere on here…

Latinabuse – Very popular search phrase for my blog, I still don’t know what it is.

how do u squirt sperm into someones mouth – Yuck…

maintaining prolonged sexual orgasm – I’d like to know too

what’s considered a big penis – 12 inches, and lots of girth…

why are women bitchy to other women? – Jealousy mainly, what do you guys think?

hanging cleavage – (heheh)

why do guys like to cum on a woman’s face? – fuck knows.

big cock diaries – People keep these kind of diaries?

women hating successful women (wow, there’s definitely a theme here…)

how to cum on a womans face – I wouldn’t have thought a manual was required…

is cum good for a woman’s face? (yes, this is a very popular search phrase on my blog)

flowers IN The attic book sex scene excerpt – (was there a sex scene?)

carol lynn porn – (hehe)

I want to fuck carol allen – no idea who she is…

giving my brother a blowjob – Uggghhhhh

blog women like big penis inches – And that’s wrong because?

how can a woman hate another woman for no reason? – Might as well end on a high note eh?