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Last Month’s Search Phrases…

Friday, August 3, 2007
Posted in: search phrases

Some people search for the strangest things…

Is Harriet Klausner influential? – Well, is she?

Karen Scott Tits – Erm, I promise there are no photographs of my ladies anywhere on here…

Latinabuse – Very popular search phrase for my blog, I still don’t know what it is.

how do u squirt sperm into someones mouth – Yuck…

maintaining prolonged sexual orgasm – I’d like to know too

what’s considered a big penis – 12 inches, and lots of girth…

why are women bitchy to other women? – Jealousy mainly, what do you guys think?

hanging cleavage – (heheh)

why do guys like to cum on a woman’s face? – fuck knows.

big cock diaries – People keep these kind of diaries?

women hating successful women (wow, there’s definitely a theme here…)

how to cum on a womans face – I wouldn’t have thought a manual was required…

is cum good for a woman’s face? (yes, this is a very popular search phrase on my blog)

flowers IN The attic book sex scene excerpt – (was there a sex scene?)

carol lynn porn – (hehe)

I want to fuck carol allen – no idea who she is…

giving my brother a blowjob – Uggghhhhh

blog women like big penis inches – And that’s wrong because?

how can a woman hate another woman for no reason? – Might as well end on a high note eh?


  • Sarah McCarty
    August 3
    11:27 am

    Wow! My search phrases are so tame in comparison. And I’m the one that writes Erotic romance. Boggles the mind. *G*


  • KateS
    August 3
    1:31 pm

    I believe there are sex scenes in all of VC Andrews books, and in Flowers in the Attic I believe it was between the brother and sister.

    She was one strange writer. 😛


  • shiloh walker
    August 3
    1:41 pm

    quite a few of those are…



  • Sarah
    August 3
    1:56 pm

    BTW- Happy Anniversay Karen!


  • Shelly @ Bewitched
    August 3
    2:17 pm

    Hmmm, quite the polar opposites. LOL And I’m with Shiloh some of those are just nasty… :o)


  • Karen Scott
    August 3
    3:35 pm

    Thanks Sarah!!


  • Desiree Erotique
    August 3
    4:02 pm

    Whoa, you sure get some doozies, Karen!


  • redwyne
    August 3
    5:32 pm

    lol well you know doing these posts… means you will get more hits from people looking for them *g*.

    soooooo everyone will know you are a dirrty dirrty girl.


  • Sandra Schwab
    August 3
    6:58 pm

    I must be doing something wrong. The most exciting search terms that made people check out my blog in the past few days were

    lymond spoilers
    Die Schlesischen Weber
    touchstone fireside chatter (hu???)
    rudolph “sings rudolph” cute

    That’s what you get when you write about singing stuffed toys that for some reason or other ended up sitting on the shelf in your former office. It’s sad. No wonder my attempts to spice up my novels end in long-lasting traumas for the poor characters … *g*


  • Kaz Augustin
    August 4
    5:02 am

    Yes. It’s because of the zinc.


  • Angela
    August 4
    6:39 am

    I’ve had some doozies:

    blacks aren’t inferior to white
    fantasizing about black men
    RWA + mean
    male with constant head scratching
    how to get even with men who waste relat
    marcus allen womanizer

    And those are the tamer ones.


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