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So I read Dionne Galace’s (AKA Bam), first published book, Skin To Skin, a couple of days ago.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the blurb from Samhain:

My Verdict

It. Was. Too. Effing. Short.

But I loved it. It was hot, and sexy, and great for a good bout of mid-week horizontal Lambada with TTG.

I fully expected Skin To Skin to be a good read, because half the reason why I think Bam rocks like a threesome with David Beckham and Will Smith, is because she’s so damned funny. I just couldn’t see how her natural humour wouldn’t manifest itself in her first book.

Leilani was exactly the way that I often wish romance heroines would be. She was a girl who wanted a man, and wasn’t afraid to go after him. She was a girl who wanted to get laid, and wasn’t beyond wearing skirts so short that you could see her thongs. (I too am all about those pink thongs, great for hiding wet patches apparently *g*) She was a girl who didn’t have insecurities about herself, and liked who she was. She was the way that most romance writers tend to portray their heroes. Sexy, and confident. I loved that.

I have to say though, she was also a girl who named her dog Fifi. Man, that shit’s just wrong.

Ms Galace’s hero was hot too. For some reason, I kept channelling The Green Arrow, from Smallville. Man he’s hot, and I did find myself wondering if that was who Ms Galace had in mind when she was creating Oliver’s character.

Oliver Clayton was a cop who was recuperating from a shot-up thigh, and was trying to keep a low profile, if only the brazen hussy next door would let him go a minute without making his little head throb painfully, by continuously flouncing past in her skimpy, sexy excuse for clothes. Unfortunately for him, the brazen hussy next door was all his big head, and his little head could think about.

I liked Galace’s writing style, her voice totally appealed to me, and had I not known that this was her first book I would have assumed that she was an old pro had been doing this writing gig for a while.

I think the main weakness in the book came with the dialogue (mainly Leilani’s actually). Leilani’s slightly ‘street’ vernacular was on the verge of annoying the hell outta me, but luckily the book ended before I could get to that point.

Overall, it was a quick (too quick), fun, sexy read, which although didn’t test my mental capabilitie, showed great promise in terms of the future potential of the author.

It’s a shame Skin To Skin didn’t suck GBHDB, it would have been interesting to see how Ms Galace would have dealt with one of my slice and dice reviews. May be next time eh? *Evil Grin*.

Is it evil of me to want to compare this book with the mess that was Ben’s Wildflower? Probably. So I’ll refrain. *g*

By the way, this is who I Leilani reminded me of:

Feisty isn’t she? *g*

Skin to Skin will be on sale at Samhain Publishing from 17th August, so make sure you check it out!

Ahhh Good Times Indeed…

Sunday, August 12, 2007
Posted in: Destiny's Child, Independent Woman

I heard this for the first time in ages on MTV, the other day. IW always reminds me of going clubbing with my girlfriends and us going crazy whenever it came on. It’s such a chick anthem. Enjoy.