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Oh feeling much better now, TTG even persuaded me that going for a walk in the park was a good idea. He was right.

Anyway, apparently Desiree Erotique hasn’t been paid any royalties for her book for several months. The guilty ones this time, are Chippewa Publishing.

Des writes:

Hmmm…I’d avoid them like the plague in any case

I also got the following e-mail about Mardi Gras Publishing:

Smoke and fire, people, smoke and fire. Anybody know any different, you’re welcomed to e-mail me.

By the way, don’t these people know that music on a ‘professional website’ is a bit, ya know… irritating?

Watching Ben Hur in bed, and nursing the hangover from hell…

Incidentally, would it be blasphemous for me to say that there are slightly homoerotic undertones to Ben Hur? *g*

I love me a bit of Charlton Heston though, *ooh er missus*…