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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Posted in: Epublishers, random ramblings

If you were a best-selling author who got your start in e-publishing, why would you choose to not include those early, and subsequent books on your website?

Possible Answers

1. Embarassment (I’m not sure why though, the e-published books were good)
2. An effort to cut all ties with said e-publisher (Can’t really blame her for that)
3. Wants to be taken seriously as a writer (Hey, your readers take you seriously enough)
4. Doesn’t want to admit to writing ‘smut’ (Hey, sex sells)
5. Pissed off with e-publisher for some mysterious reason (Hmmm… very likely)

Well, I guess we’ll never know unless the author in question talks, so I’ll have to draw my own conspiracy-fuelled conclusions. *g*


  • Anonymous
    August 30
    4:11 am


    keep guessing!!!!


  • Cool Chick
    August 30
    4:53 am

    I went by her USA Today best selling author website. I saw the second site my question is why not promote all your books on one website.



  • Cool Chick
    August 30
    4:58 am

    Anne looks as if you answered my question…

    The author I mentioned markets her NY books as sensual romance the second link for her Ebooks are erotic romance.

    I guess I can see that but if you’re using the same name won’t anyone with the desire to learn more about an author find out she wrote more explicit books?


  • Anne
    August 30
    2:49 pm

    Cool Chick-

    I think it’s more option #1 than anything… I think said publisher screwed her over.


  • Cheyenne McCray
    August 30
    3:38 pm

    Okay, okay. I was going to keep my mouth shut. All I can do is say: I have my reasons, and one is big enough that I split the sites. I did talk to Karen about it, and I just have to thank her for our great conversation.


    a. I am not embarrassed about any of my EC work, nor am I ashamed. My novels and novellas have won awards, have had fabulous reviews, and I like my characters and the stories themselves. I don’t write stories I don’t like.

    b. Sex is fun to write and I do it with pleasure.

    c. Yes, my e-books are character driven (we are talking about sex, sex, sex!) and my NY books are plot driven but with strong character arcs. And 50K is easy to write purely character and sex driven books. Try that with 100K books.

    d. Yes, I know anyone can find my erotic work, and my thought is that’s no big deal. If they like my work enough to search for more then I can do nothing but appreciate the person who’s taking a look.

    e. Hint on why work is coming out now: books are written months and months and months before they’re put onto printing/release schedules.

    f. I have been blessed with my ebook covers and my NY covers. I’m not embarrassed about them whatsoever. Darrell, Christine, and Seneca have all given me wonderful covers at EC. Have you seen the Taboo books? Seneca outdid herself on those covers. And those books are pure BDSM.

    g. Yes, http://cheyennemccrayerotic.com has allll my hot stuff.

    h. Yes, what I’m writing now is different than what I wrote for EC. And I’ll be writing a contemporary suspense continuity series and an urban fantasy continuity series next that only have romantic elements. So I’m all over the board.

    That leaves us with the WHY of it. I have my reason, and I am *so* not going there.

    Thanks to everyone. It’s been a fun game of Clue. Or Life. Or Risk. Or Mystery Dating.

    I’m leaving in the a.m. for Heather Graham’s New Orleans workshop, and not taking my laptop, so I won’t be here to join in on the fun. I’ll be gone for a week and taking a much needed break from this computer.

    Take care,

    The Wicked and Evil One


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