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Question Number Two…

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Posted in: random musings

As an author, or even as a publisher, would it not be a good idea to have at least a basic grasp of the English language, seeing as you work in an industry where words are all important?

Also, if you are a publisher/author, and you’re trying to make a valid and noteworthy point (possibly also known as defending the indefensible), would it not be a good idea to check what you’ve written before you press send?

My advice is to at least use the spelling and grammar checker in Word before you confirm to the world, that not only are you probably not a good business person/writer, but you also obviously have a problem stringing a coherent sentence together on paper.

Aspiring authors, if you receive any correspondence from a publisher who wants to offer you a contract, and you can barely understand what they’ve written, you might want to consider not signing with them. Or at least check to see if they have a legitimate reason for their rubbish literacy skills.

One thing I’ve learned on Blogland is that bad things seem to happen to authors who seemingly can’t get themselves together enough to write coherently.

It’s ok for me to be incoherent, and use shockingly bad grammar, this is just my hobby, not my job.

Just sayin.