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Here are ten million people you can ask. According to Patsy anyway.

“I really wish I knew where you were getting your information from Karen. I have never been fired for any editing position I had nor have I been rejected for my work, Let’s see…How about you query Tamara McHatton, Rochelle Webber, Dawn Seewer, Karen Simpson…I can go on hunny…you can contact Tina Haversham at Extasy, Kathryn Struck, Dick Claussen, Rene Walden…Need I saw more?

No matter what you do you cannot touch my credibility…My agent is Belinda WIlliams at Literary Lifestyles and my Director is Michael Maxx Kelly…Go ahead open your big mouth some more, and contact all these people…Caridad Scordato, Irene Petersen…they know who I am…Oh let’s not for get Deb Mullins, Cris Janssen, Jan Jansen, Eloisa James…shall I go on or is this enough for you? Now I strongly advise you to shut your mouth before you wind up with a leagl suit on your hands for slander.”

Well, it was all going so swimmingly, until she threatened to sue me. Big sigh.

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