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Over at Dear Author, Jane has a marvellous post up, about what authors should look for in an e-publisher.

If you’re an author considering submitting to an e-publishing house, you really need to read her post. It just may save you lots of grief in the long run.

If you’re an author who’s e-publisher isn’t quite playing cricket, get your arse over to either Emily Veinglory’s Erecsite, or Piers Anthony’s website, and tell them your story. You never know, there may be others out there with the same issues, who are also afraid to speak out.

Sometimes it only takes one.

Just one bit of advice from me, if you’re a writer who wants to be published, or is already published, and you’re posting in a public forum, (e.g., a blog) remember to, A, make use of the spell checker option on Word, B, try to avoid writing in caps if possible, and C, ask yourself if what you’ve just written makes you sound crazy. If the answer is yes, utilise the delete button for fuck’s sake.