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I just heard this news about five minutes ago, and I’m quite shocked, although I knew she was ill. Apparently she suffered a major brain haemorrhage. She was 64 years of age.

TTG and I were just commenting the other day, that the older we get, the more often we’ll hear this kind of news. ‘Tis very sad.

Rest in peace Anita.


  • veronica
    September 10
    11:25 pm

    I don’t know who she was but my hair styler’s sister died of the same thing and she was only 45.

    Rest in Peace Anita


  • Kat O+
    September 11
    1:16 am

    Wow, I hadn’t heard. She really was a pioneer.


  • EC Sheedy
    September 11
    6:25 am

    And I just heard that Phyllis Whitney, author of a zillion romantic suspense novels, turned 104 on September 9th.

    Now that’s staying power!


  • wendy
    September 11
    10:46 am

    Vale Anita Roddick. The passing of a warm, compassionate person is always sad.


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