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The girls over at Writeminded have been holding a zillion contests for the last week or so, and they’ve been fun to read. I generally only lurk, but the prizes are well worth looking over.

Taking part in contests really isn’t my thing (far too lazy), but if it was, I certainly would have entered every one of theirs. As it is, I just participated in the one to win Maya Banks’ forthcoming books. Menage books are mostly dead to me, but Maya’s are a kind of guilty pleasure that I like to indulge in every now again.

Their latest post is called A Round Table Chat with Heroes. ‘Tis very interesting, so go read!

I remember feeling sick at the thought of this little girl being kidnapped by some dirty nasty pedophile, and TTG and I, along with the rest of the world, have been hoping and praying, that the authorities would find her soon.

I was pretty mad at the parents for leaving her alone in the apartment in the first place, but I figured they were suffering enough, and probably felt enough remorse at leaving their children unattended.

Anyway, it seems that the Portuguese police have found DNA samples that are a perfect match for Maddie, in the boot of a car that her parents hired 5 weeks after she went missing.


Now this could be complete coincidence, but it doesn’t look good does it? It makes me sick to think that maybe somehow, they killed Maddie themselves, and this whole time they’ve been covering it up.

They went to see The Pope for God’s sake, and never mind the millions raised from people who wanted to help them find Maddie. (Please note, there’s music on the findmaddie.com site)

There are rumours abound that they accidently killed Maddie, and instead of just owning up, tried to cover it up by claiming that she’d been abducted.

I can’t even imagine getting caught up in such a huge frickin lie. If they killed her, I sure hope they confess soon, so that they can stop wasting valuable police time. Time that could be spent trying to find other missing children.

And if they didn’t kill her? Man, I can’t even begin to imagine the anguish that this is causing them.