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I got a really interesting e-mail about our friend Patsy Rebmann, AKA AP Miller. The e-mail was from an author, who’s met her several times.

I’m not going to post the e-mail on here, but apparently (to paraphrase) most of her peers are horribly embarrassed by her and her actions, and put it down to some sort of mental breakdown. Also apparently, she’s been lying for years about Hollywood knocking on her door, and whatnot, so it’s quite likely that the Harlequin contract is also a lie. If she’s not lying about that, then hopefully, someone other than ‘Tarra’ will bob over and confirm her claim.

As for claiming Eloisa James as a reference? Apparently she’s in the same chapter, but the nearest she’s probably ever gotten to her, is if she sat next to her at any of the meetings, otherwise, no kinship there whatsoever, Ms James, if you want to confirm or deny, feel free to post *g*

Also, apparently she “lied” about speaking out against e-pubs. Apparently she posted an “incoherent rambling post” on a private author forum, but was once again, mostly ignored cuz she sounded like she’d been sniffing the glue again. (blatant paraphrasing)

It seems to me that far from being a laughing matter, our Patsy may actually need professional help. Which probably explains why she (or at least somebody pretending to be her), went to the trouble of dedicating two whole blogs to yours truly. (I wont bother linking, but I’m sure you guys will find the them eventually, if you haven’t already. The links are in the comments of one of my previous blog posts. *g*)

The woman sure seems to be crazy as a coyote on steroids.