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I totally stole this idea from the gals over at The Goddess Blogs.

Basically, I have six pics of beautiful Hollywood women, and six pics of beautiful Hollywood men, all you have to do is to match them up, and explain your reasons.

Here are the women:

So, we have Salma Hayek, Marcia Cross, and Drew Barrymore

Halle Berry, Aishwarya Rai, and Beyonce Knowles

And here are the men:

David Beckham, Will Smith, and Terence Howard

Blokey from Heroes (Sendhil Ramamurthy), Pierce Brosnan, and Brad Pitt.

So, who do you think matches best with whom?

My pick?

Becks – with me (now you never really believed I’d give him to any of these hussies did you?)

Salma Hayek and Brad Pitt – She’s got good child bearing hips, and he’s into the whole fatherhood thing isn’t he?

Pierce Brosnan with Ashwarya Rai – Think of the goregousness of their off-springs

Beyonce with Terence Howard – They’d look so great together

Will Smith and Drew Barrymore – two funny people together, although I can’t imagine what their kids would look like, lol

Halle Berry and Sendhil Ramamurthy – I think he’d treat her really well, and be the perfect gent

Oh look, Marcia Cross is left on the shelf, sorry Marcia, Becks is mine, and I don’t share!

OK, now it’s your turn, if you can be arsed!


  • Teddy Pig
    September 15
    4:21 pm

    Will Smith and Drew Barrymore!

    Heh! I was thinking the same thing only that both are probably very difficult people in private.

    High Maintenance!


  • Teddy Pig
    September 15
    4:22 pm

    I would put Halle Berry and Brad Pitt together.

    That would be a no nonsense power couple.


  • Anonymous
    September 15
    4:49 pm

    David Beckham with Brad Pitt, now that’s a power pairing, and one that I’d want to witness!



  • Angela James
    September 15
    6:27 pm

    Becks – with me (now you never really believed I’d give him to any of these hussies did you?)

    So funny because when I saw his picture I was thinking…he gets matched with ME, dammit, not them 😉


  • Emma
    September 15
    8:44 pm

    When I first saw the Terrence Howard and Beyonce together I thought they’d make a lovely couple. Alas there are rumours she’ll soon be Mrs. Jayz. *shrugs* I guess you can’t choose who you love.


  • bettie
    September 15
    9:35 pm

    I’d put Terence Howard with Aishwarya Rai–they both have the prettiest eyes. And if they had kids, their baby would be so beautiful, it would heal the world.

    Beyonce with Becks–they’re both label-lovers. And maybe he could talk her out of letting her mother dress her so often.

    Will & Drew. Like you said, funny and down to earth.

    Pierce Brosnan with Marcia Cross–put them together on the red carpet, and they’d look like a page from a high-end formal wear catalog.

    Brad Pitt should stay single.

    Salma and Halle should get together. Maybe Halle will have better luck with women than men, and besides, they’re both too pretty for anyone else.

    Oh, and Sendhil Ramamurthy will read me bedtime stories–he’s nice to look at, and his voiceover on Heroes always puts me to sleep.


  • Ann Bruce
    September 15
    11:42 pm

    Brad Pitt and Will Smith–and me in the middle.

    That’s my fantasy…


  • B
    September 16
    1:25 am

    I think Marcia Cross matches best with Brosnan. They both have this elegant air about them that would make them look like a delightful couple.

    I’d say Beyonce and Beckham. If only for their B&B initials. Also, because I reckon their attitudes to life would be roughly similar.

    Barrymore deserves a GOD. But Will Smith it is. They could light up th e place, whoo.

    Brad with Hayek. ’cause that guy needs Hayek. He just does. I know he does. Assuming she learnt her bellydancing lessons from her Lebanese heritage.

    Rai and Blokey. Rai could match up with anyone, really. Maybe her happy countenance would brighten up his emo looks.

    Berry & Terence get matched up ’cause they’re stuck with each other after everyone else hooked up, yo.

    Did you really want to know? =P


  • Desiree Erotique
    September 16
    4:48 am

    Gosh, I’d have no idea here! But I will say I love the gown Marcia Cross is wearing and Terence Howard looks mighty fine in that suit.


  • Lynn Emery
    September 16
    4:53 am

    All the men are mine, mine, mine. Let those heifers fend for themselves! Except Becks- I’m scared of Karen. Take him and put down that axe!!!!


  • Kat O+
    September 16
    12:51 pm

    I’ll take Pierce, thanks. I’ve wanted to marry Remington Steele since I was six years old.


  • Sotheara
    September 16
    3:26 pm

    I love Pierce! He’s so gorgeous and suave. This is who I picture as Roarke when I read the In Death books. =) Aishwarya Rai is so beautiful that it makes me jealous. There were rumors way back that she was going to be in a Bond movie with Pierce, but unfortunately it didn’t pan out. Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing her with Daniel Craig either. Karen, I know you like Bollywood movies, so I highly recommend some of my favorite starring Shah Rukh Khan: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Khabi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Devdas and Mohabbatein (both with Aish). Also if you can download any song, get Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya. Enjoy!


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