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The former World Rally champion and his five year old son, were amongst four people who died when his helicopter crashed near his home in Lanarkshire, on Sunday.

I’m still in shock. TTG and I used to go and watch the GB car rallies, before the new rules turned it into a joke. I remember one winter, years ago, we went to Clumber Park near Nottingham to watch the rally. It was cold as a witch’s tit, but we stood there for about two hours and watched the cars splash mud all over the place. At about 4pm, it started snowing, and didn’t let up. Luckily TTG had snow chains with him (he was a boy scout), so we were able to drive home safely, although the journey was extremely slow.

I can’t quite believe he’s gone. Richard Burns died two years ago, now Colin.

Life really is short isn’t it?


  • Kaz Augustin
    September 17
    8:29 am

    When you sit and think about it, especially in the wake of the Phuket airline crash, it’s frightening how fragile life really is. It’s at times like this that I almost want to believe in a God. Almost.


  • Scott
    September 17
    11:48 am

    I was crushed to read this. He was my favorite rally driver. My wife bought a Ford Focus right around the time that McRae started driving one in World Rally. With all the great two lane roads around us with twists and turns, she used to start calling me Colin when I would get that look in my eye and hit the gas. It’s a shame that Burns and McRae are gone. What a loss for the sport.

    BTW Karen, you beat me to it. I am going to post about him this morning (my time).


  • Anonymous
    September 17
    2:08 pm

    They mentioned this during the Nascar Race yesterday, very sad news and yes life is very precious and know ones knows what tomorrow will bring.


  • wendy
    September 18
    12:03 am

    How sad. He was DH’s favourite. We were devastated when NZ driver Possum Bourne died. What is it with drivers dying everywhere but on the track?


  • Emily Veinglory
    September 18
    12:58 am

    Rest in peace. I am still recovering from Robert Jordan’s death too.


  • Steve
    April 14
    1:46 am

    WRC is so clinical these days. I realise the lack of talent the current crop of drivers really have. It’s reflected in the TV audience figures. No-ones prepared to hang it out like Mcrae, Burnsie and all those that went before god bless their souls. I have spent many years trekking up mountains but I have pretty much given up with the sport. Burnsie was a phenomenal driver and Mcrae was a legend. RIP World Rally…


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