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Hell’s Eight

Bloggers are you ready?
(readers who don’t blog can win an arc by entering my .net site contest that will start later- 10/1/07)

My first NY Western Historical series is releasing from SPICE in just over one month. It’s a super-hot, fast-paced romance with a strong heroine, a hero to die for, and a happily ever after that will touch your heart. Like my Promise series, Hell’s Eight probably is not what a reader thinks of when they think Western Historical, but each of these stories is a slice of life rich with emotion, spiced with passion, and filled with moments I hope will make your heart twist. The men of Hell’s Eight are unpredictable and fascinating. They’re definitely a law unto themselves, as wild as the West in which they live. Determined, and single-minded, they’ve planned for every contingency that could complicate their goals except for the one they never saw coming: the extraordinary women that will capture their hearts.

Read an excerpt.

Think you’re ready?

Okay, here it is, your chance to win one of the six ARCs of Caine’s Reckoning, first in the Hell’s Eight series.

The goal of this contest is to spread the word far and wide of the upcoming release of Caine’s Reckoning.

To enter:

1. Copy and paste this post on your website, blog, MySpace, or wherever you wish, including a link to the excerpt.

2. Once you’ve completed #1, email SarahMcCartyContests @ Gmail.com (no spaces) with the link to your site and you are entered. It’s as simple as that.

3. If you are the lucky winner of an ARC, simply be ready to read the book and review it during late October. You can review it on your blog, MySpace, online websites like Amazon, etc.

That’s it.

Blog. Email. Read. Wait till the last couple of weeks of October. Review.

To enter, EMAIL me at SarahMcCartyContests @ gmail.com (without the spaces), with:

1. Caine’s Reckoning ARC in the subject line.

2. The link to your post about the ARC contest.

3. Your name and address.

4. Where you intend to review the book.

Contest (open to US and Canadian residents) closes September 30th, 12 midnight, EST US.

Good luck!

Found via Let’s Gab.


  • Marianne LaCroix
    September 17
    10:19 pm

    Is this going to be historical? Or am I misreading? I didn’t think Spice was doing historicals.


  • Tracy
    September 17
    11:47 pm

    I REALLY like the cover ;o)


  • Anne
    September 17
    11:59 pm

    Marianne- Yeppers, Western Historicals about Texas Rangers, their women, and the wild west.


  • Dee Tenorio
    September 18
    12:24 am

    Hell, I work for them and I didn’t know. In fact, we aren’t even calling Spice a place for romance. Sarah’s breakin’da’ rules, LOL! Cngrats Sarah!



  • Anonymous
    September 18
    1:34 am

    anyone else disturbed by the missing head?


  • Marissa Scott
    September 18
    2:20 am

    Leave it to Sarah to break the rules. Heh heh

    I could care less about the missing head… check out that torso! YOWZA!


  • che
    September 18
    5:53 am

    What consists of copy and paste the entire post? Everything including To enter, all the way to Found via…?
    Sorry for being so dense, but I’m a whore for free books.


  • Dawn
    September 18
    8:14 am

    I wanna win too, but I’ll have to wait until October! Just read the 2 excerpts on Sarah’s website. Can’t wait.

    If I don’t win, I’ll be buying the book anyway.

    You know, Sarah’s the only author that I’ve bought every book she’s ever published!


  • Sarah McCarty
    September 18
    5:29 pm

    Hi Everyone.

    *waving* Thanks for all the congrats. !

    Che- Yup. Copy paste everything.

    And yes, The Hell’s Eight series is Western Historical erotic romance, similar to my Promise series though it is not billed as that as Spice is erotic woman’s fiction and not necessarily romance. I really like diversity that SPICE offers. It provides a nice variety for readers and a lot of freedom for authors. I don’t get the impression there are any hard an fast rules as to what SPICE is interested in. They seem to have purchased a wide variety of story lines in a wide variety of sub genres and themes.

    Oh, and while I’m here, :-)I got my first review in on Caine’s Reckoning and an advance quote from RT. Romantic Times BOOKreviews gave it 4.5 stars and said “Intense, edgy, and passionate, this is old-school historical romance at it’s finest.”

    Which, as you can guess, made my month!

    Now off to fix the typo I apparently have on the page on my site.


  • Marianne LaCroix
    September 20
    3:27 am

    Thanks for the info. They must have changed the guidelines. I may have to look at them again. I know contemp does not come to me very well.


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