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Where Do You Read Yours?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Posted in: reading habits

I’ve been waiting for a couple of books to be delivered from Amazon, and yesterday, they finally arrived. Yippeeee!

Usually, my favourite place to read is in bed, but the people who we bought the house from, left us the most fantabulous wicker chair in the master bedroom.

I decided to try out the chair yesterday to see if it went well with Maya Reynolds’ book, Bad Girl.

Wow. I totally found a great new reading place.

I have a friend who only ever reads when she goes to the bathroom, so she always has lots of books next to the toilet. Let’s hope her hubby has a better aim than TTG.

So, where do you prefer to read? Do you read in bed, or do you have a special place just for you and your book? Do you read with the music or telly on, or do you, like me, prefer total silence?

By the way, have I missed out on any scandals this past week? Anybody who needs to go on my ABLF list? Go on, you can tell me… *g*