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I came across this blog earlier. By the looks of things, the main purpose of the blog is to encourage people to write a book. A noteworthy sentiment I’m sure, but that didn’t stop me from being slightly taken aback by her/his thoughts on writing genre fiction:

Easier to write than what? Non-fiction books? The bible? Political journals? What?

As for the bit about having a mystery to solve in a mystery novel, well knock me down with a fucking feather, ya don’t say? *g*

Anne Stuart’s, Ice Storm…

Monday, October 15, 2007
Posted in: Anne Stuart, Ice Storm

LLB has a fab review of Anne Stuart’s next book, Ice Storm. It sounds absolutely yummy, so I’ve pre-ordered it from Amazon. I’ve been looking forward to Madam Isobel Lambert’s book for ages!

(Look see, I’ve almost forgotten that she ever wrote the crapness that was Cold As Ice *shudder*…)