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I’ve always wondered about folks who get fixated on people they supposedly don’t like.

Why would you constantly visit the blog of somebody who A, you don’t like, and B, who equally thinks that you’re the biggest fucktard ever?


Throughout this whole blogging lark, I’ve made it a rule to never visit the blogs of people who I think need to be put out of my misery. How is it that not everybody feels the same way? Is that not just common sense?

I don’t really get it. What happened to the good old days of obsessing over something or someone for a day or two, then moving on? This is Romanceland for Oprah’s sake. This is how it’s always worked before.

I assume that because I find it difficult enough to post daily, and keep an eye out for interesting tidbits on the blogs that I do like, never mind reading the blogs of people I loathe, that everybody else is the same?

Well, apparently I’m wrong. Some people literally have nothing better to do with their lives than to obsess over people who think they are a little bit loco. AKA, a crumb short of a full loaf.

How do I know this? Because some of these people love spending hours on my blog. And I mean, hours. I find it quite sad, yet at the same time, highly entertaining.

Does that make me a mean girl? *g*