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Apparently the Ferfelabat Cindy Cruciger/Meangirls truce is over. I was sent a link yesterday to a site called Snark Underground. Apparently it belongs to Ms Cruciger. I wont bother linking, because I’m sure you guys will find it easy enough.

There were a couple of eye-brow raising posts on there, but this excerpt caught my eye:

“Let’s check in, shall we? Earlier Karen Scott was having dreams about breaking every bone in a baby’s body. Last year we learned that she only has her period once every six months or so and, in addition to making it impossible for her to reproduce (a good thing given that she dreams about abusing babies), when it happens, it is apparently so profound that she requires tent sized undies to contain it.

Not wanting to feel like a freak (I am guessing), she asks her always-willing-to-reveal-material- to-be-used-against-them-later-when-she’s-ragging-it audience if they too switch out the stripper undies for more substantial granny wear when they are in non-reproduction mode.”

Wow…. I’d definitely say the truce was over wouldn’t you?