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This man is called Stefan Kiszko.

In 1976, he was found guilty of murdering eleven year old, Lesley Molseed. Lesley had been raped and brutally murdered.

Kiszko and his family had always maintained his innocence. His mother campaigned tirelessly for his release, believing that her son was innocent.

Finally in 1992, there was a break-through. Crucial evidence had been withheld, and it was discovered that the police had basically forced a ‘confession’ out of Kiszko. He fit their idea of a murderer because he was mentally challenged, and he was a foreigner.

“Lord Lane, the Lord Chief Justice, finally declared the conviction unsafe after hearing that Mr Kiszko could not have been the source of semen on Lesley’s underwear, and thus the murderer, because his condition made him incapable of producing sperm.

An investigation was launched into why this information was not disclosed to the defence in the 1976 trial.”

Basically, this evidence was withheld at the original trial. Also Kiszko had a rock solid alibi that was never brought to the attention of the courts.

Kiszko was released in 1992, but eighteen short months later, he died.

Yesterday, Lesley Molseed’s real killer was brought to justice, thirty two years after his horrific crime.

Ronald Castree not only took the life of that child, he also took the life of Stefan Kiszko. He let an innocent man spend sixteen years in prison for a crime he did not commit. I think that that’s almost as big a travesty, as the original murder itself.

I hope the perverted fucking bastard gets butt-fucked everyday for the rest of his life in prison.