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Lora Leigh, Chey McCray, and Sarah McCarty?

Let’s see shall we?

They are all former EC authors
They have all been signed by NY houses
They are all best-selling, and/or hugely popular authors

Hmmm… there’s a fourth connection, can you guess what it is? You’re allowed one guess, now try not to waste it… *g*

To my beautiful lil’ sister who we watched graduate from university with honours today!! Wooo hooo!!!

We travelled down to her university yesterday evening, and had a real girly night in the hotel. I’ve got some fab photos of the cathedral where the ceremony was held, which I’ll post shortly.

It was very reminiscent of my own graduation, except I think the colours on my grad gown were waaay prettier. *g*

We’re all so proud of her, it really doesn’t seem like two minutes ago, since she was born. Where does the time go eh?