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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Posted in: Dee Tenorio, Samhain Publishing, Test Me


I have to say, the blurb doesn’t really do the book justice. So far so good.

You can read an excerpt here, and buy the book here.

By the way, there’s no twincest, incest or Daddy/Daughter fantasies in this book, so whoever found the blog by googling “brother sister cum on face” will prolly be very disappointed.


  • Maya
    November 28
    1:14 am

    I really loved this book. But then I love Dee’s writing (no secret there) I, too, think the blurb doesn’t do the book justice because the story is much meatier (s’cuse the pun) than the blurb would have you believe.

    Midnight Temptation is still my fave of hers, though *g*


  • Shannon Stacey
    November 28
    1:20 am

    Betting Hearts is still my favorite Dee book. I love that one to pieces. I haven’t read Test Me! yet, though, so that’s subject to change. 🙂


  • Dee Tenorio
    November 28
    1:38 am

    *Dee will comment, once she’s gotten over the oxygen euphoria of breathing again…*


  • vanessa jaye
    November 28
    2:12 am

    “so whoever found the blog by googling “brother sister cum on face”


    Betting Hearts is my favourite of Deedle’s books, too.


  • chandy
    November 28
    8:58 am

    I’ve promised myself to purchase every book you recommend as, although new to the romance genre and initially only into I/Rs, you do put up some juicy excerpts that really catch my eyes.

    Thanks. Keep ’em coming…


  • Anonymous
    November 29
    10:47 pm

    I really enjoyed this book! I even got a bit misty eyed, LOL. It was very romantic, deliciously erotic, and a lot of fun!

    Ms. Tenorio also provided me with some great secondary characters who really helped the story come alive. All in all, on the Shirley list, it gets a solid nine!



  • Dee Tenorio
    November 30
    2:54 pm

    Thanks everyone! I’m gooey enough to say y’all made my whole week! And Shirley, girl, if only I could quote you!



  • Shirley
    November 30
    11:42 pm

    If you need a reader rec, Dee, then you sure can quote me! My name’s Shirley Thompson 🙂


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