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Ahhhh…Poetry Indeed…

Sunday, December 9, 2007
Posted in: Six Million

I Stole this from Just Ginny’s blog, and I totally love it. It is both humorous, and poignant.


  • Gina Black
    December 9
    6:44 pm

    That was wonderful. Thanks for sharing it. I gotta show it to the DH. (once we’re talking again . . .

    . . . just kidding)


  • Jennifer McKenzie
    December 9
    9:08 pm

    Awww I love that. My husband yelled from the living room “What’re you listening to in there?”
    “Nothing honey.”


  • vanessa jaye
    December 9
    9:09 pm

    I really liked that. And boy does it describe some friend’s relationships!


  • eegs
    December 10
    5:40 am

    Excellent stuff. One of the huge arguments in our marriage has been … the fact that we argue! My husband comes from a family that doesn’t argue – they pressure, they lie, they manipulate, but they don’t ever argue. Eventually, someone just gives in – and sadly it always seems to be the same people who give in and the same people who steamroll over the top.

    I come from a family where we all yell and shout and storm in and out of rooms and huff about the place for days until a compromise is reached. It’s like an election, where it can take days of vote counting before the winner becomes clear. But at least it’s an open and honest process.

    For about the first 5 years of my marriage my husband kept saying “This relationship is dysfunctional! We might as well get a divorce now!” every time we had an argument. It took me about that long to convince him that getting angry and letting people know it was normal, and hiding your feelings and carrying grudges was what was *really* dysfunctional. Now he yells and shouts and screams like a fishwife every time we have an argument. I like it!


  • Marg
    December 10
    7:59 am

    I love that! My ex and I used to fight about HOW to do the dishes all the time! It’s not the only reason why we split up though! LOL!


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