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And it just moved me for some reason. I wasn’t even a Queen fan particularly, but this song is actually quite lovely, and quite sad I think.

I’m feeling slightly hung over from the Christmas party last night, therefore, you wont be getting any scintillating posts from me for the rest of the weekend.

Unless of course Teresa Jacobs sets up another e-book publishing company. *g*


  • Jaci Burton
    December 14
    7:21 pm

    What a beautiful song. Loved the video. Queen was in my era (there I go, dating myself). I miss Freddy.

    Thanks for finding this, Karen. 🙂


  • Hornblower
    December 14
    10:27 pm

    Sorry, I was having a duh moment.
    I just wanted to draw your attention to how much Freddy looks like Isabella Rossellini.


  • Dionne Galace
    December 15
    12:28 am

    Man, Freddy Mercury rocks my pants.

    Erm, that is… metaphorically. If he were still alive, he wouldn’t have wanted to rock my pants. If you know what I mean and I think you do.


  • Eve Vaughn
    December 15
    2:16 am

    I love Queen!! I have their greastest hits albumn. My favorite song by them is Under Pressure featuring David Bowie. Freddy Mercury had the voice of an angel, may he rest in peace.


  • jane
    December 15
    5:57 pm

    I think that was the last song that they released when Freddy was still alive.


  • Katrina Strauss
    December 15
    11:00 pm

    A very bittersweet song about Freddie Mercury’s last days. In fact that was Queen’s final video, and you could see the effects of the disease and yet his voice was still strong to the end.


  • chandy
    December 16
    8:38 am

    Absolutely splendid. Now that’s music. So stop pretending that little girl/boy Justin Timberlake has talent! (harharhar)

    Ohh and Dionne, I think Mr Mercury would have rocked your pants too….


  • Dawn
    December 17
    10:13 am

    I love this song. It’s just beautiful.


  • QB
    December 18
    2:11 am

    WOW! I’ve never heard that song before. And Queen is most definitely a major player in the soundtrack to my college days and beyond.

    Interesting that, even though his health was definitely declining in that video, he was a true showman to the end. What a shame that amazing man and his voice were lost to us so young.


  • Jackie
    December 20
    2:23 pm

    Thanks for posting this, Karen.


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