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BF1: Soooo…how often do you go down on TTG then?
K: Silence
BF2: Well?
K: Looks around to see who they’re talking to.
K: You talking to me?
BF1: Yep.
K: Why?
BF1: Just wondered…
K: You can keep wondering, I’m not telling.
BF2: Well, do you swallow when you go down?
K: Are you on drugs?
BF1: Oh come on, tell us whether you swallow or not.
K: Nope.
BF2: Why not?
K: Because it smells like bleach, and I’m not too fond of bleach.
BF1: Bleach?
K: Yep
BF1: No it doesn’t.
K: How do you know? When was the last time you went down on my husband?
BF1 Well, —-‘s doesn’t smell of bleach.
K: Babe, too much information already.
BF2: Neither does —-‘s.
K: Sticks fingers in ears
BF1: Silence
BF2: Silence
BF1: So… does that mean you’re a spitter then?
K: Stupified silence
K: Waiter, can we have another bottle of wine please!!?