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Sunday, December 30, 2007
Posted in: Excerpts that make you wanna say no

I just read an excerpt, where the heroine is in a witness protection programme, hiding away in a safe house, but for some inexplicable reason, she’s told her mother and sisters where she is, so they’ve sent her birthday cards.

Can we say, Too Stupid To Fucking Live?

I don’t think I’ll be buying the book.


  • Eve Vaughn
    December 30
    11:30 pm

    LOL, Karen you make me laugh.

    I’m no expert on the witness protection program but I read somewhere if the person gives their whereabouts to anyone not in the know (the FBI) then the federal government is exonerated from offering protection.

    But then again, I guess when reading any work of fiction there has to some suspension of disbelief.


  • Seressia
    December 30
    11:48 pm

    Yeah, I’m supposed to be writing, but I went and Googled this. Read the excerpt, then first chapter on the spanking site.

    So, apparently her obnoxious behavior is part and parcel of setting up each spanking scene in the short story. Doesn’t explain the whole “afraid for my life but gonna tell my family where I am because no one who wants to kill me would EVAH think to monitor my family’s mail.”

    I’d not buy it for that alone, but the $8 for 7 chapters is what really hacks my cheese.


  • Anny Cook
    December 31
    3:38 am

    Sigh. Too stupid to live. And I don’t meant the heroine. Where were the editors, agents, crit partners…?


  • Anonymous
    December 31
    2:37 pm

    I read a paranormal this week in which the heroine was turning into a werewolf. In this world all werewolves were murdering psychopaths who could be killed only by a silver bullet, but our werewolf heroine liked to wear silver bracelets….can you say wallbanger???

    These kind of errors kill the story for me. I returned the book to B&N. The reason I gave was that the book was killing my brain cells…


  • Shiloh Walker
    December 31
    7:06 pm

    The reason I gave was that the book was killing my brain cells…

    heh. I’m gonna have to use that one some time.


  • vanessa jaye
    December 31
    9:35 pm

    “The reason I gave was that the book was killing my brain cells…”

    “heh. I’m gonna have to use that one some time.”

    Me too. I had to return a couple of books today and the only reason I could come up with was a mumbled ‘they’re just not working’. How lame was that? (But oh, so true).


  • Anonymous
    January 1
    7:33 pm

    Antz saya

    Well I read an ebook where the
    “safe house” where the witness was kept was loaded up with beer for the cop who was suppose to be watching her , he kept coming and going because he was still looking for the bad guys…. oh and she was taken said bad guys while he was out looking for them………. this book was so bad that I laughed all the way through it…….


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