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Unfortunately for me, I missed the original posts, and the subsequent fall out. But reading between the lines, some of the Phaze authors might have been bitten by the E-author Batshit Crazy Bug. That shit sure is catching huh?

Anyway here’s the latest post from Mrs G explaining why she deleted the previous posts.

This is what I get for not checking my Google Reader regularly enough. Dammit.


  • Emily Veinglory
    January 3
    11:14 pm

    You really do have to be on the internet 24/7, or you miss this shit. What we you doing, sleeping? Having a life?


  • Kayleigh Jamison
    January 3
    11:58 pm

    You know, anybody who hasn’t realized by now that Mrs. G speaks her mind is living under a rock.


  • Rhianna Samuels
    January 4
    4:00 am

    I read the original post and replies and I am still wondering what happened. Everyone was quick to the defensive mode. And you’re right, you either accept Mrs. Giggles the way she is or stop coming by to visit.

    Gotta love her or leave her. I keep coming back.



  • bettie
    January 4
    5:39 am

    Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing again and again but expecting different results?

    It always surprises me when authors try to have it out with reviewers. There’s no way to argue with a critic and not have it smell like sour grapes. None.


  • Cookie
    January 4
    2:00 pm

    You know as an author myself, and knowing I put my books out there for readers and reviewers alike, I don’t understand when other authors feel the need to defend their books.

    You wrote it, you’re getting the royalties from it, and with all of that comes REVIEWS, so my advice would be to deal with it. READ IT AND MOVE ON! DAMN IT.

    Christ! There are so many things you can waste your breath on that would actually make a damn difference. Waste your breath on things like the violence in Kenya. Your voice can make a difference there.

    But to act like animals on other peoples blogs is a stupid thing to do. Karen, Mrs. G and every other reviewer out there has a damn right to voice their opinions without authors acting like freaking animals. Wake up people.


  • Will Belegon
    January 4
    7:13 pm

    Well, I never did see what all the fuss was about… I was actually trying to write. Imagine that, what a concept.

    But I always took Mrs. G’s style as a personal challenge in the other direction. I wanted to write a book that she had to give a high score, whether she wanted to or not. Because it was that good.

    Negativity is her hallmark, but she is very good about pointing out the flaws and willing to speak her mind.

    Unfortunately, she also gets personal in the other way. And that gets people pissed. So people start poking each other.


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