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I found the shots of her being carried into an ambulance, looking totally out of it, very disturbing.

Her life is just soo out of control, that I really fear for her. Unfortunately, the only person who can stop this cycle is Britney herself.


  • Eve Vaughn
    January 4
    4:20 pm

    Let’s pray this incident will serve as a wake up call and she gets the help she needs.


  • December/Stacia
    January 4
    5:00 pm

    I know; there is nothing remotely amusing about this anymore and hasn’t been for a while. Especially not with two little children involved.


  • Jorrie Spencer
    January 4
    8:04 pm

    Makes me too sad.

    I hope Federline has enough in him to step up to the plate and be a good single parent.

    And while she shouldn’t be with her kids anymore, I hope she gets the help she needs.


  • Anne
    January 4
    11:24 pm

    Apparently this was about the custody thingie. Kevin the dumbass got custody of the kids. *shaking head* What did she THINK would happen after all of her insane and slutty antics? Sigh.


  • Rosie
    January 5
    2:19 am

    I don’t think it matters whether you like Brittney Spears or not. Whether or not you feel sympathy and think she’s one messed up woman or think she’s getting what she deserves. It’s horrifying to me to think about those two little boys. They are so young and the first three years are soooooo important to development.

    It’s sad all the way around.


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